Casetify iPhone 13 Pro MAX Case Review – Protection with Style!

The number of available cases for the iPhone 13 Series or any smartphone for that matter is outstanding, and sometimes, it’s kinda overwhelming what to pick. My personal rule of thumb is first I set a particular budget, then I create a checklist of all the features that I want and need, and lastly, look for the easiest way to get the product. Casetify is probably one of the most popular case brands globally and something that I frequently see on social media and I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I wonder how good their cases really are. So when Beyond The Box reached out and gave me a heads up that Casetify is now available on their website, of course, I had to check it out.

I picked a couple and as a boomer, of course, I gotta pick the Vintage 80s Casette and Solid Clear Case variants for my iPhone 13 Pro MAX but these are also available for the rest of the 13 series. Now, are they really good? Let’s find out, shall we?



Pros: Great quality, Trendy design, Good multi-protection feature, Wireless charging capable

Cons: Relatively heavy, Not MagSafe compatible (at least for the variant that I have)




My Casetify cases came in a nice paper bag from Beyond the Box.

The packaging for the cases is equally trendy and colorful.

Upon removing the initial packaging sleeve, we have a clear preview of the cases. 

At the back of each case, we have the specifications.

They are also slide-type packaging which brings an extra touch to the overall unboxing experience.



Design, Construction, and Parts Overview


Each Casetify case is made from 65% recycled material, has DEFENSIFY anti-microbial coating that eliminates 99% of bacteria, is 5G compatible, and is wireless charging compatible, albeit not MagSafe at least for the variants that I have here.

The Impact cases are rated up to 6.6ft drop protection while the Ultra Impact with additional bumpers is rated up to 9.8ft drop protection.

Vintage 80s Cassette Tape – Impact Case Variant

Around the casing, we have the qitech 2.0 proprietary shock-absorbing material that ideally should reduce up to 95% of the impact. I’m gonna be honest, I’m not willing to drop my iPhone 13 Pro MAX anytime soon so I guess I’ll have to take their word for it. 

The power button is also protected while maintaining nice tactile feedback.

Same with the volume buttons on the other side while the ring/silent switch is exposed for quick access.

At the bottom, both the speaker grills and the USB Type C is, of course, exposed.

Flipping it at the back, we have the iconic Casetify branding around the camera cutout.

And speaking of that cutout, it is not as tall as most iPhone 13 Pro MAX cases that I’ve tried before but it is substantial enough to provide protection to the triple camera setup.

Now, what I have here is the Vintage 80’s Casette tape variant which looks absolutely nostalgic! But as you know, there are tons of different trendy designs that are available on Casetify’s website and are highly customizable depending on each individual’s personal taste.

As of the time of this writing, Beyond the Box offers around 9 different designs and I’m pretty sure they’ll add more soon.

The design is a sticker stuck from the outside and has a nice printed texture. The resolution might not be as crisp as I hoped but I feel like it adds up to the overall retro vibe.

Going back in front, the edges have enough lip around 1.6mm to be exact providing a substantial amount of protection to the screen when you place your phone screen down.

And since the case is clear, the white qitech 2.0 shock-absorbing material is visible around the phone which kinda adds to the overall unique look.

Take in mind that the colors and other design characteristics can be customized on Casetify’s website and I hope it will also be available soon on Beyond the Box to cater to our local consumers here in the Philippines.

Solid Clear – Ultra Impact Case Variant

The Solid Clear Ultra Impact Case variant pretty much shares most of the same characteristics of the Impact case but offers additional protection.

We have an extra 2.4mm bumpers around the corners that increased the drop protection up to 9.8ft.

Of course, that also affects the overall look of the case. 

And since it’s a clear case, you can still appreciate the color variant of your iPhone 13 Pro MAX.

Also, for the variant that I have here, the qitech 2.0 shock-absorbing material is kinda translucent compared the to color white of my Vintage 80s Cassette variant.



To conclude, the build quality and the amount of protection these Casetify cases have are outstanding and pretty much justifies the price. The features and price are comparable and competitive enough against other brands that have similar characteristics while offering more in terms of customizability and trendy factor. The only thing that I don’t like here is probably the extra weight it adds to my already quite hefty iPhone 13 Pro MAX.

I also hope that Beyond the Box will offer MagSafe compatible versions of these cases soon for those like me who want to take advantage of that feature not just for the mere wireless charging capability but for MagSafe compatible accessories like wallets, phone stands, and the like.


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Casetify iPhone 13 Pro MAX Case

Php 3290












  • Great quality
  • Trendy design
  • Good multi-protection feature
  • Wireless charging capable


  • Relatively heavy
  • Not MagSafe compatible (at least for the variant that I have)

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