About Us

Hi Guys, this is Marvin and welcome to TechBroll (formerly known as ShopzadaPH)!

I am a hobbyist Photographer, Videographer, and a Tech Enthusiast.

Like you, I love online shopping, browsing through different online shopping sites trying to find the best product for my needs without breaking the piggy bank.

I don’t have money to buy expensive stuff, that’s why I usually hunt for cheap alternatives. But most of the time it’s very hard to find good reviews about these cheap products and in most cases, the product description and even the manual (if you’re even lucky to receive one) isn’t very accurate. And that is why I created this Blog, my goal is to create good quality reviews based from my own personal experience and to interact with my readers to help them decide if they should get a certain product or help them figure things out about the product they’ve already bought.

“Being thrifty without losing our sanity is our number one priority!”, It should be fun!

Now that you know a little bit about me and my blog, you can start your journey by checking out these quick links:

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If you’re part of a brand, whether you’re an up and coming or already solid as a rock, I can help you promote your product/brand by Advertising with us!