SoundPeats TrueCapsule Review

A few months back I reviewed the SoundPeats TrueDot and TrueFree+ True Wireless Earbuds and they both sounded great and offer features that cater to their own target market with the TrueDot focusing on a more budget and streamlined approach featuring a touch-sensitive area while the True Free+ offers a bit more tangible control with a clickable area. Now, we have the SoundPeats TrueCapsule from Digital Walker which features an entirely different form factor with an extended design much like what the apple AirPods have but quite different in its own right. 


Pros: Comfortable design, Good sound quality, Long battery life, 

Cons: Charing case can feel a little bit cheap


Bluetooth Chip: RTL8763BFP
Waterproof Level: IPX5
Contact Material: Medical Silicon
Bluetooth: 5.0
Working Range: 33 feet (10m)
Audio Profile: HSP1.2、HFP1.6、A2DP1.3、AVRCP1.6
Battery Capacity: 650mAH(case)
Earbud Battery Capacity: 45mAh
Earbud Charging Time: 1.5 hours
Case Charging Time: About 2.5 hours
Standby Time: 30 hours
Play Time: 24 hours per charge by case


The packaging for the SoundPeats TrueCapsule is pretty standard among SonudPeats product lineup with a white box, image preview in front with the model name, and some other branding around it while at the back, we have another image preview of the product, some of its key features and some valuable contact information of SoundPeats for aftersales support.

Removing the main packaging reveals another box that houses the SoundPeats TrueCapsule itself nicely protected by some foam protection and soft plastic. 

We also have here another accessory box that houses a few items.

Inside the accessory box, we have the rather dated micro USB charging cable and a few different sized replacement ear tips.

And lastly, inside the box, we also have a user manual.


Design, Construction, and Parts Overview

Let’s start with the charging case, the construction of the charging case is made out of hard plastic but the overall feel of it is somehow flimsy. It’s not entirely bad especially the fact that it also has some nice soft cushion inside but it’s just that, the hinge mechanism is quite annoying to deal with whenever you open and close the case. Thankfully, it’s magnetic so you don’t have to worry about the earbuds themselves. Looking from above, we have a SoundPeats logo at the center and the case has this nice matte texture to it.

Looking at the front side, we have a small lip that allows you to slide in your fingernails to open the case, though it’s not really hard to do so using just the friction of your fingers. We also have here in front, 4 LEDs for power and charging.  

Flipping it on the other side, we have the micro USB port for charging.

And looking all over at the bottom, we have the model name, some certifications, and manufacturing location.

Opening the charging case reveals the TrueCapsule earbuds themselves nicely tucked inside and labeled left and right. The top cover has a soft cushion on it to protect the earbuds when closing the case.

Removing the earbuds from the case reveals the cavity of the case as well as the charging pins. So as you can see, the charging pins are located on the side of the earbuds instead of the bottom like most earbuds with this type of design has.


As you can tell, the design of the SoundPeats TrueCapsule though resembles the Apple AirPods, is completely different as it uses a replaceable rubber ear tip rather than just a regular ear tip. 

With this, comfort level and fit can be adjusted using the included different sized ear tip, and with a rubber ear tip, the suction effect also helps with securing the earbuds inside your ears. Now, not everyone likes the feeling of pressure and the suction effect so, at the end of the day, it will still boil down to your personal preference.

Pairing and Connectivity

Pairing the SoundPeats TrueCapsule to a device is fairly straightforward. Upon removing the earbuds from the charging case, it will automatically turn on and go to pairing mode with each other first, and once paired indicated by a voice prompt, It will then go to pairing mode to your host device, open Bluetooth on your host device, pair it and you’re good to go.

As for connectivity performance, since it is already using the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. The connection is quite stable and can reach up to 10m with a direct line of sight. 


As for the controls, all the functions can be toggled using the touch-sensitive area at the back of the ear tip.

Here are the following available functions:

  • Long-press the multifunction button for 1.5s to turn it on when it’s off
  • With the headset on, long-press the multifunction button for 10s to turn it off manually
  • Double-tap the multifunction button to play or pause a track
  • Tap the right multifunction button once to increase the volume
  • Tap the left multifunction button once to decrease the volume
  • Long-press the left multifunction button 1.5s for the previous track,
  • Long-press the right multifunction button 1.5s for the next track.
  • Double-tap the multifunction button of either earbud to answer or hang up calls
  • Long-press the multifunction button of either earbud for 1.5s to reject calls
  • Long-press the multifunction button of either earbud for 2s to switch between calls
  • Activate the voice assistant easily by double-pressing the multifunction button

Battery Life

In terms of battery life, as per our testing, a full charge at maximum volume lasts for around 4 hours, and this is quite consistent after several tests and is on par with the specs. Charging the buds inside the case takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes which is also on par with the specified duration and is also quite consistent. We’re able to charge the earbuds inside the case at least 4 times which in theory should give us at least 16 to 20 hours of music playback at a maximum volume which is pretty awesome. 

Sound Quality

In terms of the sound quality, right off the bat, the SoundPeats TrueCapsule sounded good with a well-balanced sound signature while also providing enough kick on the low-end. Bass has a good amount of presence while the highs are also definitely crisp. However, what strikes me the most is the overall clarity of the sound coming from these tiny earbuds, vocals and instruments are very clear with good separation from each other. It can also get pretty loud in terms of volume levels but it tends to be too sharp at maximum volume. Overall, I’d say the sound quality of the SoundPeats TrueCapsule is fairly decent especially for its price.

Lastly, in terms of latency when it comes to listening to music, there’s a slight delay but not so much that it gets in the way of the music listening and watching experience. 


To conclude, if you’re looking for a decent pair of True Wireless Earbuds with a different style than most and offers good sound quality with noticeable clarity and bass, not to mention comfortable and features an ample amount of controls right at your fingertip, the SoundPeats TrueCapsule is a fairly decent option. Did I mention long battery life as well that should last you a couple of days or so? yeah, that too!

SoundPeats TrueCapsule

Php 1,490












  • Comfortable design
  • Good sound quality
  • Long battery life


  • Charing case can feel a little bit cheap

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