Dizo GoPods Neo Review – Affordable ANC TWS Earbuds!

If you’re looking for a super affordable True Wireless Stereo Earbuds, the relatively new brand Dizo’s got you covered. Dizo is the first brand under the realme TechLife ecosystem and like realme, they also offer a bunch of different audio devices, particularly wireless earbuds with different models catering to different budget and preferences. The best one overall is the GoPods which I recently reviewed here which has Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode and Smart Wear Detection. The next best thing from the Dizo lineup is the one we’re taking a look today, the Dizo GoPods Neo. It essentially has the same features of the Dizo GoPods minus the Smart Wear Detection feature in return for a slightly cheaper price tag. It also features a completely different form factor, so if you don’t like the design and shape of the Dizo GoPods, you should definitely look into this.



Pros: Great value for its specs, Affordable ANC TWS earphones, Good sound quality, Transparency mode, Long battery life, Water resistant, Supported by the realme App

Cons: No touch volume control




In order to help you with your decision, here’s a quick specs comparison chart of all the Dizo audio devices based on their official product pages.




The packaging is pretty simple yet doesn’t feel cheap at all. In front, we have an image preview and some branding and at the back, we have the rest of the key details about the product.

On the sides, we have some of the notable features.

Including the Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode and Super Low Latency Mode also known as Game Mode. 

Upon opening the box, well see the charging case and the earbuds separated from each other with this screaming-like image that I just can’t unsee. 

Inside the box, we also have a couple of paper work, some replacement ear tops and the rather short USB Type C charging cable.


Design, Construction, and Parts Overview


The charging case features a small oblong-shaped form factor with a subtle dizo logo at the top-center.

It has a very smooth matte surface and is made mostly out of plastic.

At the back, we have the USB Type C port, while in front, we have a small LED indicator.

Upon opening the charging case, we have the cavity for the wireless earubds and a small multifunction button at the center.

The earbuds themselves feature a relatively small form factor with a UV printed design that gives a glass-like effect making it a little bit more interesting. We also have a couple of microphones on each earbud for calls and noise cancellation.

Comfort and Fit


While it’s the heaviest amongst the True Wireless Stereo earbuds from Dizo with a weight of around 4.5g, it’s still relatively lightweight inside my ears and the small form factor definitely helps with that. It doesn’t come off that easily and for the most part, snug using the default rubber eartip with decent passive noise cancellation.

I notice though, after several hours of using it, that I kinda feel some sort of discomfort from the suction pressure and the overall feeling of having an earbud inside your ears but not too much that I have to remove it.


Transparency Mode

Unlike the more expensive Dizo GoPods, the GoPods Neo doesn’t have smart wear detection and that’s pretty much what separates both of them aside from their different form factor. The GoPods Neo also features transparency mode which takes advantage of the microphone to let external sound come in and makes you aware of your surroundings. It works quite well as per my experience.

Active Noise Cancellation

The most notable feature of the Dizo GoPods Neo especially at its price point is the Active Noise Cancellation. Like the GoPods, it can also reduce up to 25dB of low frequency noise such as air conditioners, air purifiers, vehicles and other rumbling noises. It works very well as long as you make sure that the fit is really tight using the included different sizes eartips. You can still hear noises like typing on the keyboard, music, voices and things like that but it can definitely cut the low frequency noises like our air conditioner, the fans on my PC and our air purifier. That means, I can listen to music with a cleaner sound quality. And when you’re listening to music, especially on higher volumes, you can certainly tune yourself out of the space.

Low Latency Game Mode

Another nifty feature of the Dizo GoPods Neo is the Low Latency Game Mode reducing the input lag down to 88ms. I have no idea what is the exact latency without this feature turned on but it definitely helps syncing the video with the audio when watching a video. This should help with accurate sound positioning when gaming especially on competitive FPS games.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Dizo GoPods Neo is surprisingly good for its price. The sound signature like the Dizo GoPods is more on the balanced side out of the box with a good amount of low end, with clear mids and highs. Listening to Al James’ PSG song, you can definitely feel the low end of his voice and the bass from the music itself. Listening to any genre using this pair of earbuds is a pleasant experience and I have no major gripes even at higher volumes. And it actually gets even better as like the Dizo GoPods, you can also further customize the sound signature of the GoPods Neo using the companion realme App between Bass Boost+, Balanced and Bright. Not to mention, you can even increase the volume levels way beyond the usual using the volume enhancer option inside the app.

The microphone is also pretty decent and good enough for casual in-game and voice communication thanks to the dual-mic noise cancellation for calls.

realme Link App


Inside the app, we have the battery level for the earbuds but unlike the Dizo GoPods, we don’t have the battery level for the charging case here.

We also have here the toggle between the Noise Cancellation, Normal and Transparency Modes. You can also choose to disable a particular mode so that you can easily change in between two modes using the touch control, let say you’re not interested with using the normal mode. You can also change the modes here between Bass Boost+, Balanced and Bright depending on your listening preference and you can also enable the volume enhancer to further increase the volume levels if you want.

We also have here the option to enable Game Mode, In-ear detection, Auto Answer and change the touch controls. Unfortunately, like the Dizo GoPods, we also don’t have the option to adjust the volume using the touch control.

Battery Life and Overall Bluetooth Performance


The GoPods Neo has the best battery life amongst all the True Wireless Stereo Earbuds from Dizo with up to 7 Hrs of music playback, 4 Hrs of single talk time and you can have up to 3 Hrs of music playback for a 10 minute charge. Overall, you can get ideally up to 28 Hrs in total using the charging case. 

And with a newer Bluetooth 5.2 connection, the performance is very good with minimal hiccups depending on the amount of walls in between the source and the earbuds. Ideally, you can go as far as 10m with a good line of sight. 



My recommendation for the Dizo GoPods Neo is very simple, if you don’t need the Smart Wear Detection feature of the Dizo GoPods and that you prefer the form factor of the GoPods Neo, then defintely go for this since it’s cheaper and has better battery life. Otherwise, go for the GoPods for the Smart Wear Detection feature which I find really handy. It’s kinda hard to root for the more expensive options out in the market if you have something affordable like this that pretty much have all the bare essentials without necessarily breaking the bank. The sound quality is good enough and the performance for the most part is smooth that you’ll be hard pressed not to pick this up. 


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Dizo GoPods Neo

Php 1549












  • Great value for its specs
  • Affordable ANC TWS earphones
  • Good sound quality
  • Transparency mode
  • Long battery life
  • Water resistant
  • Supported by the realme App


  • No touch volume control

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