WD My Passport Ultra 2017 Metallic Version Review – Sleek Design

Gone were the days where we need to burn our files on a compact disc for backup. Today, we are in an era where we can just pop out our external hard drive from our bag, connect it to our computer and start backing up our files. Technology brings us convenience and reliability, and we’re lucky enough to have a variety of choices when it comes to portable storage devices. Today, we are going to take a look at the WD My Passport Ultra 2017 Metallic Version, A refreshing new look when it comes to portable hard drives that usually are just made of plastic.

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There’s a lot of versions when it comes to the WD My Passport Ultra but what we have here today is the 2017 1TB variant that has a plastic matte black finish at the top part and metallic glossy finish at the bottom which is very appealing for my taste. 

WD My Passport Ultra 2017 Metallic Version Review


Pros: Sleek and modern design, Fast read and write speed, Useful software included

Cons: Fingerprint magnet

Is it within Our Target Budget?: No


Capacity: 1TB
Interface: USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 compatible
Dimensions: 110mm(L) x 81.5mm(W) x 13.5mm(H)
Weight:  140g


Brilliant design, pairing metal, and matte finishes
Included WD Discovery™ software for social media and cloud storage import, backup and password protection


My Passport Ultra hard drive
USB 3.0 cable
WD Discovery™ software for WD Backup™, WD Security™, and WD Drive Utilities™
Quick install guide

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WD My Passport Ultra 2017 Unboxing and Review – Metallic Version

Note: read the full article below for the things that weren’t mentioned in the video. 


Design and construction:

The design and construction of the WD My Passport Ultra 2017 are unconventional in a way that it fuses plastic and metal materials in a two-tone design. The style looks modern and the build quality is superb, it also looks and feels rigid enough to instill confidence in the overall quality of this device.
wd my passport ultra metallic review

At the top, we have the plastic part with a matte black finish and the western digital logo on the center. 

wd my passport ultra metal edition 1tb black review

At the bottom, we have the metallic part with a nice glossy finish that has a diagonal pattern. 

Looking at the bottom side we have the USB 3.0 port and an LED indicator.

wd my passport ultra metal edition 1tb review

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Flipping the hard drive we have the My Passport Ultra label and some other information like the product and serial numbers as well as where this hard drive was made from.

my passport ultra metal edition 1tb review

We also have here four very discrete rubber feet to make sure that the hard drive will not go anywhere while you are using it. I like how they made it very small while still being effective.

my passport ultra metal edition review

Turning it on its side reveals how thin this hard drive is. Now, this is the 1TB variant so it’s particularly thin compared to it’s bigger brother 4TB variant which is almost twice the thickness.

wd my passport ultra metal 1tb review

It also comes with a USB 3.0 cable with sufficient length of approximately 18.5 inches making it perfect for using it with your laptop on the go.

wd my passport ultra metal edition review
I like everything in terms of its design except for one thing, and that being it a fingerprint magnet. It’s easy to have this covered with fingerprints and smudges especially if you have sweaty hands like me. Other than that, I love this design. 

wd my passport ultra 2017 review

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Speed Test:

Now, before I start with the WD My Passport Ultra 2017, I tested one of my other hard drive just to set a point of comparison.

So on this one, I got a 114 MB/s read and a 116/s write.

wd my passport 2017 1tb review

And now for the WD My Passport Ultra 2017.

I got a 137 MB/s and a 132 MB/s which is significantly faster. And for a mechanical hard drive, this is not bad at all.


Out of the box, you will also get the western digital discovery software. This is where you can use the features like automatic back up, drive diagnostics, erasing data, install apps and the nifty feature wherein you can import your social media account’s files such as Facebook and Instagram.

wd my passport ultra 1tb review

wd my passport ultra 1tb 2017 review

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Back up Scheduling:

Inside the WD backup app, you can setup your back up plan and of course, restore files if you deemed necessary in case of data loss. Creating a backup plan is pretty much straightforward, just click on add backup plan.

wd metal edition 2017 review

Choose your back up location, in this case, my passport ultra, then click next.

wd my passport ultra metal edition 1tb 2017 review

Choose the files that you want to back up and click on start a backup and you’re done.

my passport ultra metal edition 1tb 2017 review

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WD Drive Utilities:

Inside the western digital software, we have the drive utilities where you can run diagnostics and hard drive test which may come in handy in the future when the hard drive already had its fair share of wear and tear.

my passport ultra metal edition 2017 review

You also have this setting where you can set a sleep timer for your hard drive when it becomes idle for a certain period of time and an option to turn on and off the LED indicator which I think is a bit unnecessary feature but there’s that. 

wd my passport ultra metal 1tb 2017 review

And lastly, you have this feature where you can permanently erase all of you data. Obviously, use this with caution. 

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Social Media Backup:

Western digital discovery software also has this feature wherein you can sign-in on your social media accounts and other cloud services and back up your files directly to your hard drive.

To do this, just click on import then choose the account that you want to backup and click on continue

how to backup facebook using wd my passport
Then sign in using your credentials and your files will automatically be downloaded to your hard drive.
how to backup instagram using wd my passport



wd my passport ultra metallic 2017 review

I like everything about this hard drive, from it’s sleek and modern design, superb build quality and decent performance to it’s very helpful and intuitive software. 

I like how they fused the plastic and metallic materials making up a completely new look. And having it in a small form factor is a huge plus. The transfer speed is also decent making this a good companion when you want to work with your files on the go. And for the icing on the cake, western digital’s included software is very intuitive and useful, especially the backup scheduling feature and the drive utilities that will certainly be useful in some point in the hard drive’s lifespan. Not to mention the ability to import your social media and other cloud storage accounts directly to your hard drive. 


LAZADA: WD My Passport Ultra 2017 Metallic Version

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    1. Marvin Gabriel

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