How To Avail Discounts From Apple Store For Education?

Apple has earned a reputation for its devices. They are good to look at, work efficiently and in a super smooth manner and on top of it they are durable. The innovations and designs of Apple products, however, do not come at an inexpensive price. It is a known fact that Apple products are expensive. For a student buying an Apple product like iPads and MacBooks, which can prove to be extremely helpful for them, looks like a distant price due to the high price. However, this is not the case, even the students can afford Apple products. It is because Apple products come with education pricing. The education pricing of Apple products is only available for MacBooks and iPads. It is through UNiDAYS that the student discount can be availed. The student discounts on Apple products are available for college students, homeschool teachers, and educators. 


Check The Eligibility For Apple Education Pricing 


The Apple education pricing is not only available for the students but also for the educators. The education pricing has few requirements and meeting only one of the requirements is enough to avail of the discounts. The different stakeholders who are eligible to use the Apple education pricing are students who are currently enrolled or are newly accepted to a college or university. Also, teachers, homeschool teachers, faculty, or staff at a school at any grade level can also benefit from the Apple Education Pricing. 


Which Devices Can Be Availed Using Apple Education Pricing?


The Apple education pricing is not applicable for all the devices but still, most of the Apple products can be availed using the education pricing. The products where the Apple education pricing is applicable include MacBook, iMac and iPads. In addition to that, discounts can also be applied to buy accessories like keyboards, cases, covers and Apple Pencils. These products can be purchased online with a discount which is then delivered to the students using the services of logistic companies like Ninja Van and Shopee Xpress. The eligible members can also use the education pricing on AppleCare+ for Mac. The students can also join Apple Music at a discounted monthly rate along with free access to Apple TV.


The Discount Of The Education Pricing


There is no fixed discount rate for all the Apple products on the education pricing. However, discounts are available on specific products. Apple releases its education pricing list from time to time where the price that one needs to pay after education pricing is listed without the information about the original price. Let’s get an idea about the discount that one might get through education prices. In the Apple Education Store, the base 13-inch MacBook Air is listed at %899 and the original price of the laptop is $999. However, it needs to be noted that the Education Pricing does not always guarantee the lowest price on Apple products. Sometimes, these products are available at a cheaper price on a third-party website. Therefore, it is worth carrying out thorough research across all the websites including the third-party websites to find the lowest price for the Apple products. 


How To Apply For Education Pricing?


The Education Pricing on the Apple products can be availed from Apple Education Pricing. Later, verification needs to be done through Unidays and once the verification is completed, you can select the product that you are interested in purchasing. After reviewing the product, you can make the final purchase. The eligibility criteria have been discussed above, however, there are additional criteria that need to be met. Firstly, the student should be at least 16 years old and secondly, they should be able to access the .edu email that is issued by the school or college. Please note that the parents cannot sign up on behalf of their kids to avail of the discounts of the education pricing. 

The verification by Unidays is almost instant. The system mostly houses almost all the four-year universities and colleges in the world. However, if a school is not present in the system, manual verification is done. 

One cannot buy multiple products of the same category with the education pricing. The limit for availing of the Apple product is one product per category. It simply means that using the Education pricing, you cannot buy two MacBooks in a year. However, you can buy one MacBook and one iPad in a year as these products belong to different categories. 


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