Laptop Cooling Pad vs Laptop Vacuum Cooler – Which is better?

We all know that heat is one of the nemeses of electronic devices such as your smartphone, tablets, personal computers, laptops and stuff like that. If you let your device heat up, it’s possible that you will experience degradation in performance, short battery life, and worst, device breakdown due to extreme temperature. One of the devices that are very much susceptible to heat issues is a laptop, because of its form factor and the limitation in terms of its cooling capabilities.

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There are two popular devices that you can use to cool down your laptop, the commonly used laptop cooling pad and the laptop vacuum cooler. I recently reviewed the latter in the form of the CoolCold Laptop Vacuum Cooler and it’s surprisingly effective. It allowed my laptop to be 10 degrees cooler during gaming and for me, that’s a huge improvement. Now, since I’ve published that review, I’ve been getting inquiries on what’s the better solution between the laptop cooling pad and the laptop vacuum cooler. And today, we are going to test that out. In addition, we’re also going to find out the results if we use both these devices to build the ultimate laptop cooling system.

ultimate laptop cooling system


The advantage of Laptop Cooling Pad: More surface area covered, quieter

The advantage of Laptop Vacuum Cooler: More focus on exhaust cooling


Tech Cool Laptop Cooling Pad
CoolCold Laptop Vacuum Cooler
Acer E5-475G Laptop


Temperature test during IDLE
Temperature test during LOAD (Playing CS:Go)
The laptop is shut down and cooled down in between tests

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Best Laptop Cooling System + Cooling Pad VS Vacuum Cooler

Note: read the full article below for the things that weren’t mentioned in the video.


Idle and Load, No Cooler

To set a baseline, I recorded the temps during idle and load with no cooler. 

At idle, with no cooler, the temperature sits at 48 degrees at max and during load, it blasted up to 83 degrees at max. Although that’s not yet in the danger zone and the laptop does not thermal throttle at this point, it is still ideal to make it a little bit lower to prolong the laptop’s lifespan.

ultimate laptop cooling solution

Idle and Load, Using Cooling Pad
Quick disclaimer guys, your results may vary depending on the laptop cooling pad that you’re going to use but using my Tech Cool cooling pad, here are my results. 

Using the cooling pad at idle, the temperature is around 49 degrees at max and during load, there’s a little bit improvement at 80 degrees at max. It’s a little bit disappointing that there’s only 3 degrees difference compared to no cooler used. It’s worth noting though that we are only focusing on the processor temps here. The laptop cooling pad does cool other parts of the laptop as well because of its big surface area coverage. 
best laptop cooling system

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Idle and Load, Using Vacuum Cooler

At idle using the laptop vacuum cooler, the temperature is around 44 degrees at max and during load, it only maxed out at 73 degrees. That’s a whopping 10 degrees cooler compared to not using any cooler and 7 degrees cooler than using the cooling pad. This is because of the vacuum cooler focusing more on helping the exhaust release hot air directly from the processor. If you put your hands on the back of the vacuum cooler you will really feel the hot air being sucked out of your laptop. The only drawback of using the vacuum cooler is that the fan is quite loud, but you will hardly notice it at all during gaming. 
coolcold laptop vacuum cooler review
laptop cooling pad vs vacuum cooler


Idle and Load, Using both the Cooling Pad and the Vacuum Cooler

Now, while we are at it, let’s build the ultimate laptop cooling system by using both these devices.

At idle, the temperature is around 42 degrees at max and during load, it’s just around 71 degrees at max. So looking at this numbers, there’s only a 2 degrees difference between using both devices and just using the laptop vacuum cooler alone which is a little bit anticlimactic, to say the least. If you’re going to ask me, you can go by just using the laptop vacuum cooler alone. 

I’m not saying that the laptop cooling pad doesn’t help because, in theory, it should, its just that it doesn’t remove hot air directly from the processor or exhaust like the vacuum cooler does. what it does is it cools the laptop overall by pushing cold air from the top so it should help on some parts of the laptop somehow.
laptop cooling pad vs laptop vacuum cooler
laptop vacuum cooler vs cooling pad

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Numbers don’t lie, and neither do I. It’s quite surprising that the laptop cooling pad performed a little bit subpar from what I was expecting especially for cooling the processor which is the main reason why we need to use devices like these. The laptop vacuum cooler, on the other hand, performed as expected and provided great results in lowering the temps of the processor especially during load.  Using both devices I was expecting even greater results but it did just ok with a little bit of improvement on the temps. 

The ideal setup would be the combination of both these devices as it yields the best results. however, in terms of practicality, space, and ease of use, not to mention budget. you can go by just using the vacuum cooler. but if those factors don’t matter then by any means go for the ultimate laptop cooling system.

At the end of the day, either of these cooling devices is a necessity to prolong your laptop’s lifespan especially if you play games frequently or does video editing and other computer tasking stuff.

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