Best Tech Under 500 Pesos on Lazada – For your Techy Loved One

It’s only 6 days left before Christmas and if you’re still having problems looking for a gift for your Techy loved one, I hope this article can help you out. Today we are going to do a rundown on the Best Tech Under 500 Pesos that you can buy conveniently online from Lazada. 

Best tech under 500 pesos on lazada

Everything on this list has been previously reviewed here at and has it’s separate video on my youtube channel: 

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Let’s start with a quick video, shall we?

Best Tech Under 500 Pesos on Lazada

Note: read the full article below for the things that weren’t mentioned in the video. there’s a lot actually.

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Now, let’s dig in further about these best tech under 500 pesos

Before I had this mic, I am just using my camera’s built-in microphone and it sounds terrible. I am always recording inside our office and the sound from my camera is super echoey and it captures a lot of background noise. By using the BM 800 Condenser Microphone, I was able to record clearer audio and lesser background noise. Take note that I am not using it with a phantom power which is highly recommended but I am still able to record pretty decent audio which is great. Now, if you know anyone who’s into audio recording that likes making cover songs, short films, video productions like youtube and stuff like that for a price of just about 500 pesos, this is the perfect gift for them. Read the full review here… 

Best tech under 500 pesos - BM 800 Condenser Microphone

I love this Bluetooth speaker lamp, I really do. It made a huge impact on my desk setup and my working environment. I was looking for a decent speaker and a lamp for my office workspace and I am glad I came across with this. It produces pretty good sounds with a decent amount of bass at the same time allowing me to set the mood with its different lamp modes and colors. It has warm white and RGB colors that you can choose from. For the price of just 490 pesos, this is a perfect gift for anyone. Read the full review here

Best buy under 500 pesos - Bluetooth Speaker Lamp

This mouse is perfect for all-around use and casual gamers like me, but for extreme gaming, I can’t really recommend this one. It doesn’t have the characteristics that are valuable for gaming like variable DPI settings, weight adjustment and things like that. But for the price of just 200 pesos, this is the perfect gift for your kids who are just starting to get their feet wet on gaming. You wouldn’t get mad if they break this one for sure. Read the full review here

This one is the perfect partner for the Zeus M-110 Gaming mouse. It’s marketed as a mechanical keyboard but the truth is it’s just a membrane keyboard that has a construction to make it feel like a mechanical keyboard which it somehow does and that’s a good thing. It provides that nice tactile feedback on every keystrokes and you’ll definitely get a good typing experience. For gaming, it actually does a pretty decent job as well, I did not find any problems using it in the games that I played. And did I mention it has RGB back-lit as well? For the price of just about 350 pesos, you can bundle this with the Zeus M-110 gaming mouse and give this as a gift to your kids and they’ll surely love these. Read the full review here

lazada tech deals under 500 - Forev FV-Q1 Gaming Keyboard

The next two products are above 500 pesos but are still worth mentioning as these items are a pretty good gift for your family.

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This one is the most popular product that I’ve reviewed so far. A lot of my friends also bought this after reading and watching my review. The reason behind is that it’s so useful that for its price of just around 600 pesos it’s a good deal. This product will allow you to cast contents from your device such as mobile phones and tablets to your TV. Y0u can mirror your screen or stream local and online contents from your device to your TV as long as your TV has HDMI port. So basically, you can turn any Old TV that has HDMI port into a Smart TV that can output local contents such as movies and online contents like youtube, Vimeo and stuff like that. It’s a good alternative to the much expensive google chromecast. Read the full review here… and a step by step guide on how to set it up here

best tech on lazada - Anycast M2 Plus Dongle

Having a security camera in your home is a must these days and with the price of these security cameras getting affordable it’s a no-brainer to get one for your family. This particular model has a lot of useful features in it, you can control it using your smartphone and your PC, it has night vision, motion detection, two-way audio and a lot more. It’s also easy to setup and I have a guide ready for you just in case you grab this one. For the price of just around 1500 pesos, you’ll get a pretty decent security camera for your home. Read the full review here

lazada tech - Sricam SP017

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There you have it guys, I hope this article will help you make your techy loved ones happy this Christmas. Stay tuned for more articles like this. subscribe if you want and see you in the next one! cheers!

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