Tecware Haste XL RGB Mousepad Review – Cheapest RGB Mousepad!

We can’t deny that RGB is the current trend right now when it comes to PC components, accessories, and peripherals and it looks like it’s gonna stay for a while. A lot of manufacturers are focusing on implementing RGB lighting to almost every product possible, some even are committed to making a complete ecosystem for their products taking advantage of this trend.

While RGB lighting doesn’t really increase the performance of our system, some of us including myself just can’t help but include at least one or two RGB components on our system to make it even more interesting and pleasing to the eye.

There are a ton of available RGB peripherals out there but what we have here today, is a very simple yet appealing RGB mousepad from Tecware. It’s very appealing that after its release, people rushed and bought a ton and almost had the stocks ran out. Why you ask? Let’s find out!

tecware haste mousepad review


Super affordable, Decent quality
Cons: Nylon stitching is a little bit sharp, Limited lighting modes


High-density smooth fabric surface
Non-slip rubber base
Edge-stitched frame
Water resistance surface
Dimensions: 800x300x3mm


Tecware Haste XL RGB Mousepad
Micro USB Cable
tecware haste rgb price



The packaging is quite simple, just a regular box and inside it is the Tecware Haste XL RGB Mousepad itself and the detachable micro USB cable. The mousepad is rolled inside the box which is a good sign that there would be no fold marks and that we can lay it properly flat on the surface.
tecware haste xl rgb mouse pad review
The micro USB cable measures at 2 meters which is substantial enough to route the cable however you want into the back of your PC. It is also braided which is very well appreciated.
tecware haste xl rgb mousepad review

Design and Features

The design is pretty straightforward, it’s a standard extended mousepad with RGB lining around it and a control box at the top-left part. The control box has a very subtle “Tecware” branding on the center and beside it, is the control button that has a clicky and tactile feedback.
tecware haste xl rgb soft gaming mouse pad
At its side, we have the micro USB port.
tecware haste xl rgb mouse pad
And at the back, we’ll see the technical information about the product. The actual model name is FSD-15 and the power rating is 5V-100mA so in theory, you can use a power bank or a standard 5V wall adapter if you ran out of USB ports in your system.
tecware haste xl rgb
The dimensions of the Tecware Haste XL RGB Mousepad is 800x300x3mm which can fit any type of keyboard and mouse combo.
tecware haste xl rgb soft gaming mouse pad 800x300x3mm

Close up look at the materials used

At the back of the mousepad, we have, of course, the anti-slip rubber base to keep the mousepad stay in place. It has a standard 3mm thickness.
tecware haste xxl rgb
Here’s a closeup look just in case you’re interested. On my table, it is perfectly stable. 
tecware haste rgb

When it comes to the surface, the material used is high-density fabric which is very smooth while still offering a little bit of resistance. If you’re used to fast gliding and flicks, this is the mousepad for you, but if you prefer more control, you may need some adjustment when you decide to get this one.

tecware haste mousepad rgb
And because of the nature of the fabric, which is high-density, it is indeed water resistant. This means it has some protection from accidental spills. Since the fabric is so dense, the water will have a hard time seeping in allowing you to wipe it easily.
tecware rgb mousepad

Here’s a close up look at the surface so you can see exactly how the weaving is formed.

tecware haste rgb mousepad review
Now, let’s take a closer look at the stitching and how they secured the RGB lining around the mousepad.
As you can see, they indeed used an edge-stitched design using a regular thread to hold the nylon string that secures the RGB lining around the mousepad.
tecware rgb mouse mat
This combination of materials for me was done to make sure that the RGB lining is secured properly without tearing the fabric and the anti-slip rubber base.
tecware haste rgb extended mouse pad

Lighting Modes

One of the selling points of the Tecware Haste XL RGB is, of course, its RGB lighting.
In total, it has 4 lighting modes with 7 different colors:
1. Static (red, green, blue, purple, cyan, yellow and white)
2. Breathing across all colors
3. Aggressive color cycle
4. Color spectrum (smoother transition)

Unfortunately, there’s no software or remote to control the lighting modes. You can only change the lighting modes using the button on the top-left control box.

tecware haste xxl

The brightness of the RGB lighting is decent, it’s not the brightest but for me, it’s very acceptable.

tecware haste xxl gaming mouse mat rgb

Gaming Performance

Now RGB is one thing but performance is another much more important factor, I’ve got the Tecware Haste XL RGB mousepad for a while now and for me personally, I have no problems with the traction. The smoothness of the surface is at just the right amount for me with a little bit of control. It’s slippier than what I’m used to but after a while playing with it and configuring my mouse settings, I was easily able to adjust. 
cheapest rgb mouse pad
tecware mousepad rgb
If there’s one thing that I really need to point out that I don’t like about this mousepad in terms of comfort, is probably the nylon stitching which is kinda sharp and is quite irritating on the forearm. But other than that, I think the Tecware Haste XL RGB mousepad is a very decent mousepad especially at its very competitive price of around 900 pesos. 
tecware haste extended mousepad review


The reason why the Tecware Haste XL RGB is very appealing is because of its price point like I said, it is only around 900 pesos, and for that price, you’ll be hard pressed to find a decent extended mousepad with RGB lighting on it. The lighting modes may be limited but that’s acceptable given the price and it’s still very capable with 7 different colors and a couple of color cycling modes. For sure it will suit most of the color scheme your thinking of implementing on your setup. The quality of the materials used is also good especially with the stitching and the high-density fabric. Overall, I am satisfied with this and will use it until I need to test another mousepad. 
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Tecware Haste XL RGB Mousepad Review – Cheapest RGB Mousepad!

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Tecware Haste XL RGB Mousepad

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