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The S530 Bluetooth Earbud is small but definitely not terrible, at least for the purpose i’m using it for.

s530 bluetooth headset review


Pros: Insanely Cheap, Super Small

Cons: Short Battery Life, Unreliable for making calls

Is it within Our Target Budget?:  Yes!


– S530 Bluetooth Earbud
– Charging Cable (no charger included)
– Box and Manual

s530 bluetooth headset unboxing - s530 bluetooth manual


Model – S530
Type: – In-Ear
Function: – Answering Phone,Bluetooth
Language: – English
Material: – ABS,PC
Color: – Black
Connectivity: – Wireless via Bluetooth
Impedance: – 32ohms
Working Time: – Talk time: About 4 hours; Music time: About 3 hours
Standby time: – 120 hours
Charging Time.: – About 1 hour
Compatible with: – Any device with bluetooth connectivity
Bluetooth Version: – V4.0
Transmission power:   – Class 2
Bluetooth distance: – W/O obstacles ≤10m
Bluetooth protocol: – A2DP
Bluetooth mode: – Hands free,Headset

*Specifications are very vague across different online shopping sites (didn’t find any official product website)

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Design: comes in different colors (e.g. Black, White, Pink, Blue, Khaki)

The S530 Bluetooth Earbud is made from plastic and it’s very light.

s530 bluetooth earbud review

It somehow resembles the Apple Earpod when it comes to the actual earbud itself.

It is shaped with an ear hook, and the comfortability actually depends on the size of your ear. For example the S530 Bluetooth Earbud fits perfectly on my large ear with the hook perfectly snugged inside, but it doesn’t fit well on my wife’s ear.

S530 Bluetooth Earbud earhook design

S530 Bluetooth Earbud on ear test

It’s primarily for your right ear but you can also use it on the left if you want to, you will still hear the music normally but it will probably not fit that well compared to the right.

S530 Bluetooth Earbud left ear test

The S530 Bluetooth Earbud is very tiny thus making it very easy to get lost. So I made a DIY storage for it using an old ointment container. Now I can just place it inside the container and put inside my pocket or wherever I want to store it into.

S530 Bluetooth Earbud DIY container

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Charging and Music Playback time:

The S530 Bluetooth Earbud doesn’t come with a charging brick so you have to use your own charger.

S530 Bluetooth Earbud charger and charging time

For my testing I used a standard 1A charger, and as with my Awei A980BL Bluetooth Headset, the S530 Bluetooth Earbud’s charging indicator is very confusing. As per my research, the LED lights should be in RED when charging and it changes to BLUE one’s the charging is finished and that the charging time should be around 1 hour. But in my case the LED indicator quickly changes to blue in just a couple of minutes. So just to be sure I charge mine for 1 hour and it gives me roughly about 2 hours of playback time in 70% volume which to be honest is a little bit short if you want to use this for traveling or listening to music for a long period of time.  Fortunately for me, I just use this when i’m sleeping and I’m already asleep before the battery actually runs out.

By the way, I also tried charging it for more than 1 hour but the playback time is still the same of around 2 hours.

Bluetooth pairing, connectivity and distance:

As with my Awei A980BL Bluetooth Headset, Connecting S530 Bluetooth Earbud to any of my devices is pretty straight forward, just enter pairing mode by turning on S530 Bluetooth Earbud  and keep on pressing the ON button until the LEDs flashes red and blue, search for S530 on your device and start pairing. Once paired you can now start listening to music.

how to use s530 bluetooth headset

When it comes to connection quality and distance, the S530 does a pretty bad job based from my experience. If I walk a little bit further from my device the audio starts to get distorted and sometimes gets disconnected. But once i get back, it connects again automatically.

Sound Quality:

The sound quality of the S530 Bluetooth Earbud is pretty normal, comparable to cheap wired earbuds out there. I can’t say much about it’s sound quality as I just use it to listen to music while sleeping, and for me, it does its job.

The microphone audio quality of the S530 Bluetooth is usable but I won’t recommend it as your primary device for making calls. The voice is understandable but a little bit unstable, and as per the person I was talking to, I sounded as if I’m in a bathroom but I was not.

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If you want to just try it out or use as your sleeping companion like me, then Yes.  but if you’re going to use this as your main headset for taking calls and listening to music for long periods of time then it’s definitely No.

I never thought I would be buying this tiny S530 Bluetooth Earbud, I personally think it looks silly on my ear, I feel like I’m James Bond or some kind of a special agent. But now, I can’t sleep without it, I like listening to music to help me sleep at night but I don’t want to annoy my wife when I use my phone or a speaker. not to mention the amount of wired earphones that I’ve destroyed when using them while sleeping.

For its price, There’s nothing much to lose.

I got this for just less than 150 pesos(3$) from Lazada


LAZADA: S530 Bluetooth Earbud

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