Zeus M-110 Gaming Mouse Review – Is it really good for gaming?

The Zeus M-110 Gaming Mouse is one of the most affordable “Gaming” mice out on the market. But can we really call this a gaming mouse? does it have the hardware specs needed to perform well in gaming? Let’s find out.

zeus m-110 gaming mouse review

There’s a lot of gaming mouse out on the market at different price point ranging from a few hundred to a couple of thousands of pesos. The Zeus M-110 falls at the bottom of this spectrum, at 200 pesos you shouldn’t really expect anything spectacular. But what are you really getting with this? Let’s dive right in on the review.

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Pros: Affordable, Good looking with breathing RGB lightning LED light
Cons: No DPI settings, No option to turn off the light, Feels cheap
Is it within Our Target Budget?: Yes


– Zeus M-110 Gaming Mouse
– Box

Zeus M-110 Gaming Mouse Unboxing

Note: read the full article below for the things that weren’t mentioned in the video. there’s a lot actually.


Breathing Lightning Chain Bolt LED light
Ergonomic Ambidextrous Design
Fits naturally in your hand with no cramping after extended gaming or work sessions
With 3 Buttons (left, right and middle scroll wheel)
1600 DPI 

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The design of the Zeus M-110 Gaming mouse is actually pretty nice, It has a fancy lightning chain bolt design with breathing RGB lights.

zeus m110 mouse review - design

On the side, we have the side grip which unfortunately is made out of plastic. I was hoping it would be rubber but that’s fine as it’s actually pretty grippy the only problem is that it really feels cheap. 

zeus m-110 review - side grip

It is also worth mentioning that the image on the product page doesn’t really match the actual product delivered. As you can see below, the image on the product page shows that the Zeus M-110 mouse has two side buttons but the actual product that I received doesn’t have those buttons. I guess they had to cut that part of the hardware to reduce the cost.

At the top, we have the buttons left, right and middle scroll wheel. Even though the top part is made from plastic It feels like it was painted with a rubbery material so it actually feels nice to the touch. I’m just not sure how long the paint will last though.

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Also, worth noting that I’ve noticed the middle scroll wheel is a bit wobbly or lo0se so it makes a little bit of noise if you shake the mouse or move it left to right fast enough. But don’t worry it doesn’t have any effect on the functionality of the middle scroll wheel

zeus m-110 mouse from lazada

The Zeus M-110 Gaming Mouse is an ambidextrous mouse, meaning, it can be used by left-handed or right-handed users without any problem. 

It also suits both palm grip users and claw grip users.

zeus m110 review
zeus mouse review
When it comes to weight, the Zeus M-110 Gaming Mouse is on the lighter side. It’s significantly lighter compared to my Razer Taipan and my A4tech X7 gaming mouse which also happens to have an option to change its weight. But at this price, we can’t really complain about this aspect.
zeus m-110 lightning chain bolt gaming mouse specs - no weight option

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Technical Specifications and Functionality:

The Zeus M-110 Gaming Mouse is an optical mouse that uses an LED to illuminate the sensor. 

zeus m-110 specs - optical mousea
While my Razer Taipan which is a laser mouse uses an infrared diode to illuminate the sensor. 

The difference is that the laser mouse has a higher DPI which means that it can track more dots per inch and in return, they are more sensitive compared to an optical mouse. More info about that here.
zeus m-110 gaming mouse driver - laser vs optical

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Which leads us to the question… 

Is the Zeus M-110 Gaming mouse really good for gaming?

The short answer is No. With a rated DPI of only 1600, it’s safe to say that this is not really good for hardcore gamers. I am not a hardcore gamer but I usually use at least 3000 DPI when gaming especially for FPS type of games like CS-GO. I tried the Zeus M-110 on CS-GO earlier and as expected it’s not very accurate. Since it has a lower DPI I had to move my mouse farther in between movements to get my crosshair to line-up with my target. This is critical especially if you’re a sniper, you would want to be accurate on your mouse movements as much as possible.
zeus m-110 gaming mouse price - 200 pesos

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With all that being said, the Zeus M-110 is still a pretty decent mouse, although not for gaming it is still suitable for normal users and as a backup mouse. For the price of only 200 pesos, you can’t ask for more from this product. 

Personally, I’m going to use this as a backup mouse or for when I want to bring my laptop on the go. 


LAZADA: Zeus M-110 Gaming Mouse

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