Bluetooth Speaker Lamp Sound Test – Not your ordinary speaker

I did a review about this “Touch Sound Lamp” a while ago here but I wasn’t able to provide you guys with an actual sound test. We will focus on that in this article. 

I have this Bluetooth speaker lamp for three months now and it’s doing great thus far. Not only it looks good and fits perfectly well on my desk setup but it sounds pretty good as well. 

bluetooth speaker lamp - lazada speaker bluetooth

It’s a Bluetooth speaker but I rarely use the wireless functionality as it sits on my desk all the time connected to my laptop via AUX mode and connected to a charger so that I can use it all day. 

I really love its lamp modes, the three levels of warm white and the different RGB modes including fading colors and music sync. See full details of the lamp modes here.

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Now, let’s get to the actual speaker sound test

I used my BM 800 Condenser Microphone to record the audio coming from the Bluetooth Speaker Lamp. 
bluetooth speaker lamp lazada sound test

Check this dope Bluetooth Speaker Lamp Sound Test

Personally, I think the speaker produces pretty decent sounds. It’s very clear and It can get very loud. My only gripe is that It doesn’t produce enough bass for my taste.
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bluetooth speaker lamp lazada unboxing

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My desk setup is coming alive with these lamps and RGB led strip. I can now say that I’m ready for Christmas season. haha

BTW, as you may have seen on the video above, I just got my RGB LED Bulb and I’m planning on making a review about it. let me know in the comments if you are interested in it. Subscribe if you like to be notified via email. 
There you have it guys, I hope the video did justice on how this Bluetooth Speaker Lamp performs. It’s definitely not for a hardcore audiophile, it’s more for people like me who are on a budget but like’s to have a decent speaker, not to mention the lamp functionality.


LAZADA: Bluetooth Speaker Lamp

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