New Nia Q8 Bluetooth Headphones Review – With an app support!

As technology continues to evolve, more and more products are becoming cheaper and cheaper because people have more choices available and manufacturers get even more competition. One good example of this is the industry of Bluetooth devices, specifically Bluetooth audio devices such as speakers, earphones, and headsets. Nowadays, you can get a decent Bluetooth audio device for as low as 400 Pesos ($8).

And with my pursuit of decent but relatively cheap Bluetooth headphones, I came across the product that we’re going to look at today, The Nia Q8 Bluetooth Headphones. What struck me the most about this one is the amount of functionality it provides, and the new version that I have here comes with its own app, so you can control it using your smartphone and has a battery charge indicator as well.

nia q8 bluetooth headphones review


Pros: Very affordable, Feature packed, With app support
Cons: None, but if I need to nitpick it would be the battery life

SPECIFICATIONS (from manual included)

Speaker Dimensions: 40mm
Speaker Impedance: 32ohm
Sensitivity: 108+/-3db
Frequency Response: 20-20000Hz
Magnetic Type: Nd
Bluetooth Version: V4.2
Maximum Communication Range: LOS approx. 10m(32.8ft)
Compatible Bluetooth Profiles: A2DP, AVRCP
Multi-decoding: MP3/WMA/WAV
Decoding Range: MP3 (8-320Kpbs) WMA (5-320Kbps) WAV (16-1536Kbps)
Radio Frequency Range: FM87.5-108MHz

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Other Specs: (from official website)

Connectors: 3.5mm Line in
Call control: Yes
Volume control: Yes
Support Audio Format: MP3, WMA
Support TF card volume: 128MB-32GB
Talk time: 6 hrs
Music playtime: 6 Hrs
Bluetooth Standby Time: 11 hrs
Battery Type: LI-Ploymer
Charging time: 2 hrs

New Nia Q8 Bluetooth Headphones Unboxing and Review (+How to spot the new version)

Note: Read the Full Review below for the things that I wasn’t able to mention on the video


Design and Construction

Before we start, I would just like to inform you guys that I specifically ordered a black and white but what I got is this grey and white colorway instead, which I think is even better If you ask me.
The overall design is very appealing to my taste with the contrast between the white and grey colors. I feel like Nia thought about this colorway very well considering the parts that will go in contact with your body is the darker color which in theory, should lessen the dirt/stain that these headphones will pick up over time from sweat and hair oil.

nia q8 headphones review

In terms of construction, let’s break it down by parts, shall we? 
Let start with the ear cups, the ear cushions are very soft and covered with this nice synthetic leather padding. Basing on what I feel, I think it can hold up pretty well over time and will not peel that easily. 

nia q8 review - earpads

Flipping it on the other side, we’ll see the headband adjustment part which is made of metal. It doesn’t have a way to lock your adjustments though but as per my experience, it’s not going to move that much at all.  

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Up top, we have this nice textured white headband. It’s pretty and all but you’ll have to be careful to maintain its pristine white color. It can easily be wiped though so don’t worry. 
nia q8 bluetooth headphones review - textured headband
On the other side, we have this mesh textured padding. It’s a little bit on the thinner side but since the headphones are pretty lightweight, it’s not much of an issue when it comes to comfort.
nia q8 grey and white - headband
The overall design of this headphones is pretty great considering that you can also fold it like this, to make it even more portable than it already is. The only thing you need now is a good old pouch for it and you’re good to travel with style.
new nia q8 review
Features, buttons, and ports

Now that we’re done with the design and construction, let’s dive into the cool features of the new Nia Q8 Bluetooth Headphones.
The left side earcup doesn’t have anything on it except for the Nia logo so we’ll focus on the right side earcup as shown below.
On this side, you’ll see a button that you can use for answering and ending calls as well as the following functions:
Micro SD Player:
Press and hold: sequential play, single cycle, random play
FM Radio:
Press and hold: Automatic tuning and storing
You will also see the LED indicator for pairing and charging here.
nia headphones review

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On the other side of the circle, you will see the 40mm neodymium driver that produces decent sounds. More on that later.
nia bluetooth headphones review
On its side, you’ll see a handful of buttons and ports starting with the on and off switch. I appreciate the fact that once you turn on this device you will be greeted by a voice prompt saying “welcome to enjoy Nia Audio” and then it will automatically connect to any device that you’ve already paired it with immediately. 
Pairing the Nia headphones with a smartphone is surprisingly fast and straightforward. Just turn on the switch on the earcup, turn on the Bluetooth connectivity on your smartphone and tap the “Q8” name to pair.
nia bluetooth headset
And then we have this awesome 3.5mm jack. Awesome because you can still use this headphone even if it ran out of charge or is turned off by just plugging a 3.5mm jack cable going to your device. So basically, it will draw power from the device that it is connected to. 
Another thing is, you can also plug in another audio device like another earphone or headphones so you can share what you’re listening to others. How cool is that? Now you can watch movies with your loved one without disturbing your neighbors.
After it, you will also see the micro USB port for charging. More on that later.
new nia q8 bluetooth headphones review
And then we have this cool multi-function button/switch. 
Its function is as follows:
Push it up or down while holding it for a second to change the volume
Push it up or down once to forward and skip a song
Push it down like a button to toggle in between modes like Bluetooth, Memory card and FM Radio

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Lastly, we have the MicroSD Card slot that can support as per the official website, up to 128GB of storage.
new nia q8 with app review
Now that’s a handful of features for such a tiny and affordable headphone. We’re not even talking about the App yet!
NIA Connect App

What I love the most about this package is that it comes with an app (obviously you have to download it) that works for both IOS and Android.

nia connect app

With the app, you can control the music from your memory card and change radio stations much easier than toggling the switch on the headphones itself.

nia q8 fm radio

You can also manipulate the EQ settings to your heart’s content depending on what type of music you’re listening to.

nia q8 eq settings

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And my favorite feature, which is the battery charge indicator, will allow you to know how much battery life you still have so you can just focus on listening to your music. I would appreciate a percentage info though rather than just bars.

nia bluetooth headphones manual - app battery charge indicator

Battery Life

When it comes to charging and battery life, The Nia Q8 Bluetooth Headphones can be charged using any standard power bank or wall charger for about 2 hours. It doesn’t come with a charger though but that’s understandable to cut cost and most of us now have a charger lying around so that’s not going to be a problem. The LED indicator will light up red while charging and will turn off once fully charged. 
As per my testing, one full charge can last at least 4 hours of continuous music playback in different modes like FM radio, Bluetooth and the built-in media player for the microSD card. Your mileage may vary of course depending on the mode and volume you choose to listen to.
nia q8 headphones manual - charging time

Sound Quality

And lastly, before we wrap up this review, let’s talk about the sound quality. 
Now, If I can describe the sound quality of these headphones with just one word it would be “balanced”. The sound quality is fair enough for its price. It produces clear mids and highs and a little bit of the low end. It will not blow your mind for sure when it comes to sound quality but its decent enough to at least enjoy what you are listening to. You can always fine tune it with the EQ settings directly from the Nia Connect App or from the built-in EQ settings of the app of your choice.
nia q8 price


Will I recommend this?: Yes!

Ok, I’ll start with the price. You can get the Nia Q8 Bluetooth Headphones for just around 400+ pesos ($8) with all the features and kicks and giggles that I mentioned in this article. I mean, what’s there for you to lose (aside from the 400 pesos)? I’m not trying to sell you this product, it’s just how I feel about this honestly. For sure there’s a lot more variety of similarly priced and feature packed budget Bluetooth headphones out there from the brands like ovleng and other Chinese brands but I doubt they have an app to back it up. I’m planning on probably checking out the other models from Nia’s lineup of Bluetooth headphones specifically the new one, the Nia X5SP that has a built-in external speaker on the earcups! now that’s genius! or maybe not, we’ll find out.
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