Rakk GAHUM Review – Affordable Tri-Mode 3395 Gaming Mouse!

For the past few years, the budget gaming mouse market space is saturated with feature-packed gaming mice offering tons of flexibility like hot-swappable parts such as covers, switches, and battery, some also offer tri-mode connectivity and perforated covers trying to shed any weight they can. But most if not all have some sort of compromises when it comes to build quality, of course, the more moving parts, the less rigid the mouse is.

Well, Rakk Gears has done it again, we now have the Rakk Gahum. A lightweight gaming mouse that offers the bare essentials like tri-mode connectivity, known reliable sensor, and dependable micro switches while maintaining a relatively lightweight form factor and most importantly, solid build quality. Granted, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles like hot-swappable covers, switches, and battery, but those are arguably unnecessary features anyways, so having a better build quality is definitely a good trade-off. But the most impressive part here is that they’ve done all this, while still offering a very competitive price point. With that being said, let’s take a look around and see what I really think about this mouse. Let’s get into it.

Rakk GAHUM Review – Affordable Tri-Mode 3395 Gaming Mouse!



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