5 Apps For The Content Creators To Take Care Of Their Mental Health

Putting out content is not an easy task. Even though the task of producing new content is difficult, handling the nuances of the jobs is really understood once the content is available out there. If the content is not liked by the viewers, the content creators become a victim of trolling and sometimes harassment too. Also, the task of a content creator is to push out content and this means that they will have to tackle such situations nearly every day. This can of course takes a toll on the mental health of the content creator. However, to become an efficient content creator, it becomes important to stay immune to such attacks and take care of one’s health. If you are a content creator who is looking for a way to take care of your mental health, here is a list of five such apps. 


1. MoodKit 


This app is developed by two clinical psychologists and therefore, you know that this app can be trusted. The four important features that the MoodKit app provides include MoodKit activities, though checker, mood tracker, and journal. MoodKit supports more than 200 mood improvement activities that will push you to take action for improving your life. The app also uses CBT techniques that are scientifically supported. This technique helps the users to feel better by changing their way of thinking and perspective. To know whether you are able to control your mood or not, try rating and charting your daily mood. 


2. Headspace 


It is a meditating app that helps users to live mindfully. The app encompasses meditation for both beginners and experienced meditators. The meditation provided by Headspace can be helpful in reducing stress and controlling anxiety. The breathing exercises supported by the app are extremely helpful in calming the mind instantly. Also, if you are a content creator who often overthinks during the night and hence, cannot sleep well, then you should surely give this app a try. For instance, if you are getting overwhelmed thinking about whether you should publish a piece of content by hiding your IP address after checking it on What Is My IP that is controversial or not, you can use the app to instantly relax your mind. The sleeping mediation offered by the app creates the right conditioning to sleep. 


3. MindShift 


If you ever get anxious while dealing with the comments section of your post, open the MindShift app for relaxing instantly. The app is developed by Anxiety Canada which is a non-profit organization that works with anxiety awareness. The different features offered by the app include guided meditation, quick replies too, a chill zone, and a journal. These features are handy if you ever feel overwhelmed. Also, the app encourages you to actively track your mood. 


4. Day One 


Journaling can help you to introspect and deal with your problems in a better way. Day One is one such journaling app that you can use for journaling on an everyday basis. First released in 2011, it is one of the most popular journaling apps. This digital journal supports a wide variety of features that can make journaling fun. A few of the most loved features of the apps are templates, location, weather, currently-playing music, step count, weather, and motion activity. Also, the users have the option of tagging their entries and both images and videos can be added to the journal pages. Even the free version of the app supports all the core features.


5. Gratitude 


One often hears that life is simply a perspective. Glass is both halves empty and half full, and what one sees depends on the perspective. If you are trying to gain a positive perspective and outlook in your life, then practicing gratitude is a must. Practicing gratitude helps you to look at the brighter sides of life. The Gratitude app is what the name stands for. You can use the app for writing your gratitude. One can also set daily reminders to help one to write down their gratitude. Also, if you are running out of gratitude in your life, you can use the prompts offered by the app to find gratitude in your life. 

You can give all these apps a try or go for one app in a day, depending upon the situation that you are in. 


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