Rakk Ilig V2 Gaming Mousepad Review + Comparisons

Last December, I reviewed the Tecware Haste XL RGB Mousepad, the cheapest RGB mousepad available right now. But RGB Illumination is not for everyone, some prefer the usual mat without fancy lighting effects and the extra wire that comes along with it. Today, we are taking a look at one of the more premium looking mousepad but without a premium price tag, the Rakk Ilig V2

rakk ilig v2 gaming mousepad review


Pros: Good quality materials, Good stitching, Unique leather-like surface

Cons: None


Rubberized Backing
Optimal Gliding Area
Premium Leather
Easy to Clean
Highly Durable
Minimized Friction
Dimensions: 700mm x 300mm x 4mm
Side Stitching


First of all, the Rakk Ilig V2 is rolled inside the box so we shouldn’t have to worry about folds or creases.
rakk ilig v2 gaming mouse pad review

At first touch, even it is only around 450 pesos, it feels really nice and the materials used does feel like they are of good quality.

rakk ilig gaming mousepad review

The dimensions are 780mm in length, 300mm in width with a thickness of 4mm. In terms of design, it is plain and simple with a little logo at the lower right corner. The stitching looks good and there are no visible significant fraying or imperfections. The craftsmanship done on this mousepad, for its price, is really outstanding.

rakk mousepad

At the back or bottom depending on your perception, we have the rubberized backing to keep the mousepad stay in place. Again the stitching looks pretty good and the overall feel of the mousepad is quite good. We’ll look closer into these materials shortly.

rakk mouse pad

The surface of this mousepad is kinda unusual in a sense that instead of fabric or cloth, this one uses a leather-like material. With that, it gives that premium feel on it.

rakk ilig extended mouse pad

Looking closer at the materials used for this mousepad, like I said, the surface itself is made of leather-like material. So right here you can clearly see the ridges of the surface, this means in theory, it should have some sort of resistance for the mouse.

rakk ph

You can also have a clearer view of how the stitching was done here, I know for a lot of you it might not be that important, but it is still interesting for me to check this out closely.

rakk ilig v2

And lastly, you can also see a close-up view of the rubberized backing, so it looks like it’s not just a smooth rubber but with a ridged pattern to help make the mousepad stay in place.

rakk ilig v2 review

Now, It says on the box that it is waterproof, and to some degree, it is indeed waterproof, which means it won’t allow the liquid through the surface, or in short, absorb it. As per my close testing, the liquid is not being absorbed by the material, but instead, they just move closer to each other and I had to wipe it with a piece of cloth to clean it. Regardless, I wouldn’t even advise you to put any sort of liquid near your peripherals, that would be a bad idea.

rakk ilig v2 extended mouse pad

What’s important here though is that it is sweat proof. I know you guys would be more interested in that. As per my testing, sweat is easily evaporating rather than sipping inside the material, which is a good thing to prevent odor over time.

rakk ilig v2 extended mousepad

And lastly, in terms of design before we proceed with the performance, I think it could have been better if they placed the logo on the upper right side rather than on the lower bottom right corner so that it won’t be covered by your wrist or forearm while you’re using a mouse. But of course, you can always adjust to the left side. It is just something that I thought could be improved.

rakk ilig review

Now, let’s talk about the performance of the Rakk Ilig V2.

As per my testing, I didn’t encounter any unnecessary spin out when doing 180-degree flick and stop using this mousepad.

rakk ilig v2 mousepad review

 I also didn’t encounter any tracking issue.

rakk ilig v2 mouse pad review

Now, I think this is also a good opportunity to compare all the mousepads that I have right now. Mouse sensor technology has improved throughout the years that tracking performance is not that big deal anymore, so you can pretty much use any type of mousepad. Unless of course, you’re super serious about gaming.

Like mouse and keyboards, choosing a mousepad will depend on your personal preference, if you want speed or control type of mousepads.

rakk ilig extended mousepad

The Rakk Ilig V2 is made of a leather-like material and is smooth with a little bit of resistance. I also have this cheap SteelSeries mousepad that is made of smooth fabric, we also have my favorite, the original Razer Goliathus extended mousepad control edition, which has a very nice soft and rough texture on it. And lastly, we have the Tecware Haste XL RGB mousepad that is made of smooth fabric but has a little bit more resistance than the SteelSeries mousepad.

rakk mouse pad review

Among these mousepads, just by touching and feeling it, the SteelSeries mousepad feels the smoothest, followed by the Tecware Haste XL RGB, and then the Rakk Ilig V2. While the Razer Goliathus is the roughest. But as per my slide test, the Tecware Haste XL RGB seems to be the smoothest, followed by the Rakk Ilig V2, then SteelSeries and then Razer Goliathus.

rakk mousepad review

Now, what this means for you is that like keyboard and mouse, you have to try it for yourself and see what fits your preference when it comes to the smoothness, roughness and the overall feel of your mousepad. This will just serve as a guide so that you can have a bit of an idea before you purchase one.

By the way, I’ve tested all these mousepads for quick 180 flicks and tracking test, and I didn’t encounter any noticeable or significant issue to note about.

rakk gears philippines


So to conclude, I think what stands out with the Rakk Ilig V2 is the incredible quality of the materials used and craftsmanship of the stitching, given the fact that it is only 450 pesos. It is also sweatproof and is easy to clean for the long run. I think you can not go wrong with this and it is very easy for me to recommend this to anyone.

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Rakk Ilig V2 Gaming Mousepad

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