Redragon Mirage M690 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

It has been a while since I did a review of a gaming mouse, the last time was the Fantech Leblanc WG8 Wireless Gaming Mouse, so Today, we are going to take a look at yet another affordable wireless gaming mouse in the form of the Redragon Mirage M690.

Redragon is one of the brands that are on my radar for quite some time now because of its popularity for providing gamers with affordable solutions when it comes to gaming peripherals. And since I don’t have a budget yet to grab one of their mechanical keyboards, I settled for this one for the meantime.

redragon mirage m690 review


Affordable, Comfortable, Powered by a very intuitive software
Cons: No option to set custom DPI, has a little bit of latency


FPS: Max. 4000
IPS: 30
Actuation force: 10G
Type: 2.4Ghz wireless
Voltage: 1.5 V
Current: 15mA
USB : USB 2.0 & 3.0
Power Supply: 1 x AA(Not included)
Buttons: 7 programmable buttons
Polling rate: 125HZ~500HZ
Tracking System: Optical
6 DPI level: 800/1200/1600/2400/3200/4800 DPI adjustable
Compatible: Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10/2000, etc.
Size: 4.94*1.61*2.9inches
Weight: 120g(excluding battery)

Package Includes:

1x Redragon 4800DPI Wireless Gaming Mouse
1X USB receiver
1x CD
1x User manual


Design and Construction

In terms of design, it’s one of those cool looking gaming mouse without being over the top obnoxious looking one. It has this nice black and red colorway that we always see in Redragon gaming peripherals partnered with red illumination all over the mouse.
redragon mirage m690 driver
In terms of construction, for its price, I got to say I’m impressed. The materials used although most are made of plastic feels really good, there are no flimsy parts and sharp edges. It has this nice separation of glossy plastic and rubber-coated materials that feels really nice to the touch.
redragon mirage m690 software

Grip and Comfort

When it comes to grip, obviously with the design it’s geared towards right-handed users. It’s suitable for all types of users whether you are a palm grip or claw grip type of gamer, thanks to its well-balanced mouse button design, you can click anywhere between the center up to the tip of the mouse buttons without any issue.
redragon mirage m690 wireless 4800 dpi gaming mouse review
The other side of the mouse where the pinky finger rest do have a little curve where it can rest and grip the mouse at the same time. It also has this nice texture design to help aid the grip as well.
redragon mirage m690 wireless mouse review
Another thing that helps with the comfort is the smooth curve to the body where your palm rests, it doesn’t have any sharp edges or unnecessary design elements.
redragon mirage m690 wireless gaming mouse review

And lastly, on the other side, we have the same texture design to help with grip and it also has this well-appreciated thumb rest at the bottom.

Mouse Buttons

While we’re on this side, let’s discuss the buttons. We have here the forward and back button as well as the rapid-fire button, all of which are customizable using the Redragon mirage software. The same goes for all the other buttons on this mouse.
redragon m690 mirage wireless gaming mouse review
My only issue with this button placement at least for the size of my hand is that the rapid-fire button is a little bit hard to reach. I need an extra effort to reach it which I think defeats its purpose. But your mileage may vary of course depending on the size of your hand and fingers.
redragon mirage driver
Up top, we have the left and right mouse buttons, the scroll wheel and the two DPI buttons. 
redragon mirage review
The scroll wheel is pretty stable, no wiggling whatsoever and the button is quite tactile and responsive.
redragon mirage wireless gaming mouse review

Redragon Mirage Software

To take full advantage of this mouse, I recommend downloading and installing the Redragon Mirage Sofware from their official website here
Inside the software, you can pretty much customize all the buttons to your liking, adjust the mouse double-click, pointer and scroll speed as well as the ability to turn on enhance pointer precision, increase polling rate and choose your desired DPI settings.
redragon mirage mouse review
Speaking of DPI settings, I had a little bit of a hard time adjusting with this mouse because I am used to 3000 DPI but unfortunately, there’s no option to enter your own value. You can only choose between 6 predefined DPI settings ranging from 800 to 4800. Not a big deal though as you’re going to get used to it after a while.
redragon m690 driver

Battery, Connectivity and other Features

The Redragon Mirage M690 uses a AA battery for power and can be connected using the included 2.4Ghz wireless dongle that can reach up to 10-meter range, although you might want to consider not moving too far away to minimize connection issues. It uses an optical sensor but I can’t find any further details as to what kind of optical sensor it has. 
redragon m690 review
It has three power modes, the basic on and off and the eco mode. While on eco mode the scroll wheel will flash green for a while indicating that you’re running on eco mode and will turn off all the lighting to save energy. The mouse also provides further power saving mode by putting the mouse to sleep after being inactive for a certain period of time, you’ll have to click on a button to reactivate it. 
redragon m690 mirage review
NOTE: I experienced some wifi issues for a while because the Redragon Mirage M690 uses the same 2.4Ghz frequency as my router, I was able to fix it just by adjusting the channel on my router. This is very rare and you might not even encounter this at all, I just thought of letting you guys know the fix just in case.

Gaming Performance

Now when it comes to gaming performance for FPS games, the Redragon Mirage M690 perform decent enough for its price but there’s one little problem, as per my testing, I feel like there’s a little bit of latency. Mind you it’s not super fatal and for most users especially casual gamers like me, the latency is pretty much acceptable. Also at this price point, I don’t expect competitive gamers to consider this anyways.
redragon mirage software
The mouse buttons are responsive and precise with a nice clicky and tactile feedback, they are also not that hard to press which is crucial for quick burst of shots. The rapid-fire button works as intended, it fires up quick burst of shots with a single press of the button. Overall the performance of this mouse for FPS games is decent.
redragon wireless gaming mouse review
For other types of games such as Dota 2, the Redragon Mirage M690 performed well. I didn’t encounter any issue with the accuracy of the mouse buttons as well as the ability of the mouse to glide across the map and stuff like that.
redragon wireless gaming mouse driver


Will I Recommend This? Yes!

Now to conclude, what you’re going to get with the Redragon mirage m690 wireless gaming mouse is the untethered experience on a budget. You’ll have the luxury to experience couch gaming without worrying about wires. The mouse itself is well built and designed with comfortability in mind. If you’re a casual gamer and can tolerate a little bit of latency then shouldn’t have a problem enjoying this mouse. The overall experience is decent for its price and I would still recommend it despite some of its compromises.


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Redragon Mirage M690 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

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Redragon Mirage M690 Wireless Gaming Mouse

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  1. gr8destroyer05

    thank you so much for your review. I picked it up and I agree with your review. It really is worth the price.

    But I also ran into the same problem as you did

    “NOTE: I experienced some wifi issues for a while because the Redragon Mirage M690 uses the same 2.4Ghz frequency as my router, I was able to fix it just by adjusting the channel on my router. This is very rare and you might not even encounter this at all, I just thought of letting you guys know the fix just in case.”

    Since I can’t upgrade to a 5Ghz router at the moment, may I know which channel did you use and if the issue ever came back after sticking to that channel?

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