7 Essential Apps For Content Creators In 2022

Even though it looks like content creators are simply putting content out there, the job is really very exhausting. The content creators have to work hard to create relevant content, then use the right tools to ensure that that content is noticed and on top of it, need to apply relevant marketing skills to increase the engagement rate. In short, a content creator needs plenty of tools to ensure that they receive the desired result from the creation of the content. Even though the job is hard, it can be made easier with the help of relevant apps. Here are seven such essential apps that the content creators should use to make the process easier. 


1. SocialBee 


To create a brand as a content creator, it is important to consistently put out content for the consumers. Scheduling content manually every day can be tiring. Not all the days are the same and sometimes, one can be extremely busy which can result in no content in a day. To avoid such a situation, you can use Social Bee. This app allows you to schedule your social media posting on different platforms and frees you from manual scheduling every day. For instance, if you are a student preparing for a Sarkari Exam and your exam is fast approaching, you can schedule your content for different social media platforms in advance and work towards getting a good Sarkari Result by freeing yourself from manual posting. 


2. SaneBox 


If you are an influencer who creates content, you might receive plenty of emails in a day, a few important and a few unimportant emails. Going through all the emails can be extremely time-consuming and a waste of time. SaneBox comes into the picture to eliminate all the unimportant emails from your inbox. All the irrelevant emails are sent to the other folder which helps you to focus on what is important like an invite for an event, project deadline, and requests of the customers. You can later go through the SaneMail folder to check the irrelevant emails when you are free. 


3. VSCO 


It is a photo and video editing app designed for mobile devices. This app can be used for editing the photos that you want to pose on Instagram. The app is simple to use but supports powerful editing tools along with tons of filters. If as a content creator, you want to create aesthetic photos, the VSCO is the right tool for you. 


4. Canva 


It is a graphic designing tool that offers plenty of options even in its free version. If you need to create infographics or thumbnails for your content, then Canva can help you to create beautiful posts for your Instagram. The app also supports plenty of photos, graphics and fonts which can be used to support the brand aesthetics. Also, the app allows you to download images in a wide variety of formats. Whether you want to create an image or a video, Canva is the tool for you. 


5. Trello 


Trello is an app that comes in handy if you have a team working for you. It is a collaboration tool that makes it easier to track and organize protections. The board view of Trello gives an easy overview of the project. Also, it can be personalized to create different elements that are important for the project. You can also create cards to maintain the boards and the tasks created through the cards can be tracked, shared, and managed. 


6. Notion 


It is a note-taking app that is similar to Evernote in many ways but is better than it because of its beautiful interface. The Notion app can be used for taking meeting notes, creating outlines of the blog post and then creating the full blogs. In addition to that, you can also use the app for planning content strategy and brainstorming the content creation process. 


7. Pinterest 


It is not unusual for creative people to go through a block where they are unable to produce something that can satisfy them. It is okay to run out of ideas. However, it can be troubling to run out of ideas if you need to create content, anyhow. In such cases, Pinterest can serve as an inspiration. If you are looking for creative content ideas, Pinterest is the app for you. 


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