Why Clicker Games Are Gaining Popularity In The Gaming Industry?

In recent years, there has been a boom of both incremental games and hyper-casual games in the gaming industry. Even between the incremental games and hyper-casual games, it looks like the incremental games are shaping the future of the gaming industry. Here are a few numbers to draw a comparison between idle games and hyper-casual games. The stickiness of the idle games is about 18% but it is 10.5% for the hyper-casual titles. The number of sessions is comparatively higher for the idle games (5.3 sessions) in comparison to 4.6 sessions in hyper-casual titles. Also, the revenue earned by idle games is higher than from hyper-casual games. 


Idle or incremental games are the games that do not require the constant involvement of the player to make progress. Clicker games are an example of idle games, where the user simply needs to rapidly click on the screen to earn points. Also, with the popularity of the clicker games, even the auto clicker is witnessing a rise. An auto clicker is a software that can be automated for playing a clicker game. This helps the player to progress in the game without any active development.  If you are playing any of such clicker games, then go for tools like TapTap and Auto Clicker to click on the screen automatically instead of manually. Idle games are also known as clicker games because all that the player has to do is click. 


Why Clicker Games Are Popular 


Cow Clicker is one of the first clicker games to be designed and it became an instant hit amongst gamers. The high success of Cow Clickers made one confused because no one could understand why and how the game became so popular. Even though clicker games, one needs to click on a screen repeatedly, it is much more than. Most of the clicker games come with upgrades. With each new level in the game, the upgrades become expensive. 

As a result, the player is made to choose the upgrades that they should invest in to get the maximum return by bringing in more revenue. Such a decision makes the player feel smart as he or she feels like they are making a smart decision. Hence, the clicker game becomes like a strategic game too. Also, the players of the clicker game have the freedom of choice of returning to the game when they want. It simply means that the game can take as long a break as they want from a clicker game. The game does not push the player to return to the game because the energy is restored because most of the time there is nothing to be restored. 

The time spent on such clicker games is almost twice that of the hyper-casual gaming segment. The clicker games are currently going through a steadily decreasing retention phase. This is a positive sign for the category because it indicates that the clicker market is growing both in size and competition. 


Clicker Games Benefit The Owners Too 


Not only are the clicker games loved by the players but also by the owners. The clicker games are popular amongst the developers for a wide variety of reasons. Firstly, it is easy to create a clicker game, as the required time for its development is small. Secondly, one does not need to be extremely skilled in designing clicker games. Thirdly, the cost of the development of a clicker game is not much. However, one can easily generate revenue from the clicker games if it is well developed. Therefore, creating and playing a clicker game is a win-win situation for both the players and the developers. 

The clicker games are the best option available to the user who does not love playing social games. One of the many goals of the clicker games is to kill the boredom of the players while giving them a sense of achievement by making the right decisions. Clicker games can be both open-ended or closed gameplay loops. In the open-ended, the players have the option to play indefinitely. In the closed gameplay loop of the clicker games, the game is divided into different levels and it has ended. Depending upon the preference of the users, one can go for the type that best suits their mood. 


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