TerraMaster Invites Developers To Create Their Own App

June 26th, 2020 Shenzhen, China – TerraMaster, a professional brand that specializes in providing innovative storage products including network attached storage (NAS) devices, introduces the TerraMaster TOS APP Development Guide which allows independent developers to create apps that can run on the TerraMaster TOS. The TerraMaster TOS APP Development Guide provide developers a complete suite of tools and a suitable app development environment for creating applications. With this, TerraMaster can work hand-in-hand with developers that will help grow the TerraMaster TOS into a more robust and feature-packed storage ecosystem that will benefit all TerraMaster NAS users.

Developers are given the liberty to develop any application that will fit their needs. Developers can list the developed app on the TerraMaster TOS for other end users to use. Likewise, developers can also charge users for their apps. TerraMaster outlines a simple process for the app development below.

App Development Process

Step 1: Download the development environment

TerraMaster TOS Toolchain is a Linux-based development environment that you can use to develop applications that can run in TerraMaster TOS. This tool is officially provided by TerraMaster and will be updated regularly. The development environment has two versions of x.86_64 and ARM v8, please download the corresponding version according to your needs.

Step 2: Develop application

While TerraMaster cannot provide direct technical support, developers can acquire assistance through the TerraMaster official forum.

Step 3: Pack application

The developed application needs to be packaged into a .tpk installation package. Please download the packaging tool: TerraMaster_APP_Packaging_Tool from TerraMaster website, and read the packaging guide carefully.

Step 4: Test application

To ensure that the developed app works, the packaged installation package will be tested in different versions of TOS. A TerraMaster TNAS device may be required to test the developed application.

The application developed can be published for your friends or customers. Developers assume the responsibility of maintaining their developed apps. Developers can also apply to the TerraMaster official application market to make it more accessible to more users.

Step 5: Apply for listing

Developers need to fill in the “Third Party Application Key Info Table” and send the form to: TerraMaster’s product team will evaluate your application and may require your application to be tested. Only after passing the test, your application will be available on the application market.

Step 6: Update

If your application needs to be updated, please contact the TerraMaster product team at and provide your update package. The new update package will be put on the application market after passing the test.

System Requirement

– CentOS 64-bit

– 4GB memory or higher

– 100GB of drive free space or higher

Learn more about the TerraMaster TOS APP Development Guide at



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