REVIEW | Awei A980BL Bluetooth Headset | The Untethered Experience

The Awei A980BL Bluetooth Headset is a decent companion for music lovers on the go.

awei headphones review


Pros: Cheap, Durable, Sweat Proof, Decent sound with understandable voice prompt

Cons: None

Is it within Our Target Budget?: Yes!


  – Awei A980BL Bluetooth Headset
  – Micro USB for Charging
  – Box and Manual
  – Extra Rubber Earbuds in different sizes

awei a980bl unboxing

Connectivity                – Wireless
  Talk Time                     – 6h
  Play Music Time           – 4h
  Charging Time             – 1h
  Stand by time           – 200h
  Battery Capacity         – 55mAh
  Power Supply              – DC 5V 300mA
  Driver Unit                 – 11.5mm
  Sensitivity                   – 110dB ± 3dB
  Impedance                  – 16Ω ± 15%
  Frequency Response   – 20-20KHz
  Frequency Range         – 2.402G-2.480G
  Noise Reduction          – CVC
  Bluetooth                    – Yes
  Bluetooth Version      – V4.0
  Bluetooth Protocol     – A2DP/AVRCP
  Transmission Range  – 10m

The Awei A980BL is included on our first episode of Tech4Cheap Series

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Design: comes in different colors (e.g. black, green, red, rose gold and silver)

The Awei A980BL’s earbuds are made from metal with brushed finishing and magnets to boot. The magnets however isn’t that powerful but it does it’s job of keeping the earphones together when not in use.

awei a980bl review

 The cables are flat and makes it virtually tangle free

awei a980bl tangle free cables

The inline control is made from plastic but it feels good and sturdy, it also houses the 55mAh battery and micro usb port that has a rubber cover for sweat proofing.

Inline controls includes a volume control + and – which when long pressed allows you to skip to the next or previous song, the middle button allows you to power on and off the device, play or pause music and answer and end calls as well as entering the pairing mode.

awei a980bl inline controls

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Charging and Music Playback time:

The Awei A980BL product specifications notes that the charging time is around 1 hour and that the charging LED light should change from RED to BLUE once finished, but in my experience, the LED light changes to blue in less than 30 minutes using a standard 1A wall charger and to be honest I think it’s a bit confusing to say the least, so just to be sure I still charge mine for 1 hour which gives me approximately 3-4 hours of continuous music playback time in around 50-70% volume that matches the product description which is nice. I only use this for music so I don’t have extensive experience with the talk time, the specs shows it’s about 6 hours.

awei a980bl battery life

awei a980bl pairing mode

Bluetooth pairing, connectivity and distance:

Connecting Awei A980BL to any of my devices is pretty straight forward, just enter pairing mode by turning on Awei A980BL and keep on pressing the ON button until the LEDs flashes red and blue, search for AWEI-A98BL on your device and start pairing. Once paired you can now start listening to music.

As per product specifications the bluetooth transmission distance of Awei A980BL is around 10m but in my experience it’s a bit shorter than that specially when there are walls blocking in between when you walk farther from your device. It’s not a big deal though as most of the time I have my device (phone) in my pocket.

awei a980bl bluetooth headset review

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Sound Quality:

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not an audiophile but I know the difference between a good audio and a bad one and when it comes to Awei A980BL’s sound quality I think it’s pretty decent and I was impressed as I actually didn’t expect too much due to it’s low price. You won’t get a lot of bass but you’ll get a more natural and clear sound. Personally, it suits my needs specially when I’m monitoring the audio when editing a video. It can be very loud when you max the volume and there’s a little to no distortion but your ears wouldn’t like it for sure. I’m not sure if the CVC noise isolation works but the earbud itself when tucked properly on your ears provides a decent outside noise isolation, partner it with a rock and roll music and you’re good to go about your own world.

The microphone audio quality is decent as well, I can hear the voice of the person I’m talking to very clearly and vice versa. no complaints there.

awei a980bl on ear

awei a980bl on ear side view

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I use the Awei a980bl mainly for traveling.

listening to music to distract myself from the stress of traffic is a must. It’s very convenient to use, without wires connecting to my phone I can just throw my phone inside my pocket or bag and just use the inline controls and enjoy the music.

My wife bought this for me as a gift for around 750 pesos at Lazada and to be honest for that price it’s super worth it.

If you’re looking for a much more portable Bluetooth earphone, check out S530 Bluetooth Earbud

Aside from being my travel companion, with Awei A980BL, I can now do laundry without worrying my phone or earphones can get wet when I accidentally pull the wires. 🙂


LAZADA: Awei A980BL Bluetooth Headset

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