Fantech K611 Fighter TKL Gaming Keyboard Review

Earlier this month I published my first impressions about the Fantech K611 Fighter TKL Gaming Keyboard here, and I noted a couple of things that I like and don’t like about this keyboard as well as some thoughts about the things that need further testing.  Today, we’re going to dig into that and discuss everything you need to know about this super affordable TKL gaming keyboard.

fantech k611 review


Pros: Affordable, Durable with metal backplate, Has 3 sets of lighting + breathing mode, Decent for casual gaming

Cons: Non-adjustable height


Keyboard type: Membrane
Number of buttons: 87 KEYS
Case Structure: Aluminum alloy and ABS plastic
Anti-Ghosting: The ability to simultaneously press up to 19 keys
Response frequency: 1000 Hz
3x color LED backlight with breath effect
Waterproof construction
Two-Layer Keys
Key life: 8 million keystrokes
12 multimedia buttons via function keys
Game mode with Windows key disconnected
Plug and Play device
Copper cable in nylon braiding 1.6 m long with a ferrite ring
System requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 and Mac OS
Interface: USB
Color: Steel
Dimensions: 441 x 138 x 37 mm
Weight: 866 g


Design and Construction

In terms of design and construction, this one looks and feels a little bit more premium compared to similarly priced budget keyboards out there. Thanks to the metal backplate, the body feels sturdy and durable enough. The keys, however, is another story. More on that later.
fantech k611 fighter review
With regards to the layout, it’s close to a standard keyboard layout with the exception of the enter key and the obvious lack of the numpad keys since this is a Ten Key Less keyboard.
fantech fighter k611l review
At the back, we’ll see the mandatory rubber feet and the raised platform so that the keyboard sits a little bit angled. Unfortunately, it’s not adjustable as you can see. 
fantech k611 lazada review

In terms of the font used, it’s a little bit subjective but for me personally, it’s fine and acceptable considering that it is designed with the “Gaming look” in mind. 
fantech k611 fighter tkl review
However, when it comes to the font used on top of the arrow keys, to be honest, it’s a little bit ugly.
fantech k611 gaming keyboard review
The multimedia and productivity shortcuts are integrated on the function keys. You can toggle it by pressing the FN key + the shortcut you want to use (e.g. FN+F7 for Play/Pause). 
fantech keyboard review

RGB Lighting Modes

The Fantech K611 Fighter TKL Gaming Keyboard has 3 sets of lighting as you can see below. You can toggle the RGB lighting on and off by pressing the scroll lock key.
fantech k611 tkl keyboard review
fantech gaming keyboard review
fantech tkl gaming keyboard review
It also has a breathing mode option that cycles through all the color sets that you can toggle by hitting the function (FN) key + scroll lock key.
fanteck tkl keyboard review
And lastly, you can also increase and decrease the brightness by hitting the function key + page up/page down.
fantech k611 review philippines

Keycap and Typing experience

The keycaps seem to be double shot made of ABS plastic with a stenciled legend. Basing on what I see and feel, I think there’s a good chance that the legend may fade or chip in the future due to wear and tear. But that’s a thing that takes time to verify. 
fantech fighter k611 review philippines
With regards to the actual typing experience, it’s actually not that bad. The keys, although it’s not a mechanical switch by any means, still provides a bouncy tactile feedback to give you the confidence that your keystrokes are registered. 
If you want to hear the actual tactile feedback this keyboard can produce, watch the video review below.
fantech k611 tkl gaming keyboard review philippines
The keys, as you can see on this side view are laid out a little bit concave for a better ergonomic design.
fantech philippines
And as with any mechanical feel keyboard like this, the design of the keys are made as such that it has this raised housing that gives you that false mechanical feel feedback. Look inside the housing and you’ll see the rubber dome.
fantech keyboard philippines


Now, when it comes to gaming, surprisingly enough especially at this price point, this keyboard is actually capable. I mean, although it doesn’t have the characteristics of a mechanical keyboard when it comes to gaming, it can still perform decently. 
Playing CS:Go on this is not a problem, I can easily do strafes and dodge bullets with ease and without any issues with the accuracy of the keystrokes. I didn’t encounter any ghosting as well which is vital.
When it comes to RPG games like Dota 2, I also didn’t encounter any issues with it. Since ghosting is pretty much non-existent on this keyboard, casting spells and toggling switches or pressing multiple keys at the same time wasn’t an issue.


UPDATE: You can disable the Windows key while gaming by hitting the FN+Windows key 

fantech gaming keyboard philippines


Will I Recommend This? Yes!

Alright guys, so for the price of less than 1000 pesos you get everything that I’ve mentioned above. A decent looking TKL gaming keyboard with fancy RGB lighting, a decent performing gaming keyboard for casual gamers, and a good typing experience. The only major downside for me is the non-adjustable height which I think will pose an issue for some users that either want their keyboard flat or at a higher angle.


Now if you ask me, who do I think this keyboard is for? I think this will fit small gaming computer shops out there that are looking for a decent gaming keyboard that will not break their capital.


Fantech K611 Fighter TKL Gaming Keyboard Unboxing and Review

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Fantech K611 Fighter TKL Gaming Keyboard Review

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