Player One Ghost Gaming Chair Review

A gaming setup would not be complete without a proper gaming chair, whether it is just an office chair or a full-fledged gaming chair, a comfortable support for your body is very essential for long hours of gaming session. Now, there are a lot of options out there for a gaming chair ranging from 4000 pesos up to about 20000, and sometimes it’s hard to figure out which one is the best for your particular budget. Today, we are taking a look at a premium gaming chair from a relatively new brand called Player One.

Player One is an exciting new local brand here in the Philippines that aims to provide premium gaming gears at a very competitive price. The first product they are offering right now is the Ghost gaming chair that we are taking a look at today.

player one


Competetive price, Good quality materials, Good neutral design, and polished craftsmanship
Cons: Limited head cushion adjustment, Lumbar cushion size needs some adjustment


player one gaming chair
player one gaming gear


Unboxing and Parts Overview

First thing out of the box is the 5-star steel base which is well protected by foam paddings. At first touch, it’s quite hefty and feels really solid all around. It is also very well crafted without any sharp edges and the overall quality is pretty good.
player one gaming gears

Next, we have the instruction manual which looks intuitive with proper labels for each part as you can see here.

player one ghost

And then we have a special note here from Player One which I really appreciate, I was actually able to speak with them personally and the guys behind the brand seem to be very passionate about their brand and product, and I think that’s pretty exciting.

player one ghost review

Next, we have the head cushion with a Player One logo at the center, the material used is matte finished PU leather like the rest of the chair, while inside it is made of soft stretch cotton.

player one ghost gaming chair review

Next, we have the accessory box, Inside it, we have a set of wheels.

player one ghost chair
The wheels are nylon caster which is pretty standard. The quality seems pretty good and the wheel spins perfectly fine, It has two sets of wheels that spin individually.
player one gaming chair review

Next, we have a couple of plastic side caps for the steel support.

player one gaming chair instructions
Next we have the hydraulic gas lift and as per specifications this is a class 4 gas lift, as per my research a class 4 gas lift is preferred for being long-lasting, extremely strong and can support up to 250kg, but for this particular chair the maximum load it can safely support is 120kg which is still pretty substantial. 
player one gaming chair build

Next, we have the usual plastic guard for the gas lift.

player one philippines

And lastly, inside the accessory box, we have some plastic screw caps and plastic full of screws and washers.

gaming chair ph

Next, we have the lumbar cushion, It also has the same matte finish PU leather, but inside it is High density, cold molded foam like the rest of the gaming chair. It also has this diamond stitching adding to its overall premium design. It is harder than the head cushion which makes sense since this one’s going to support your lower back.

gaming chair philippines

Next up we have the tilt and adjustment mechanism which is made of solid metal as you can see here, we have the tilt resistance adjustment knob with a soft plastic cover. It feels durable as it should as it is the main support especially at the chair’s center of gravity.

ghost gaming chair

Next, we have the armrest. It looks to be made of three separate materials, metal, hard plastic and soft rubber for the actual armrest.

ghost gaming chair review
We also have a couple of Player One stickers here which is a nice touch. 
player one ph

Alright guys, let’s check out the 2 main components of this chair. 
So right here we have the actual seat. It has two individual side support and it also has a diamond stitching on the upper section, like I said with the lumbar support it ads to the overall premium design. And then at the bottom part, we have a perforated design that should allow heat to dissipate much easier. Later I will show you guys some close up shots of the materials used for this chair, so watch out for that. It has the same matte finish PU leather and high density, cold molded foam inside. The size is also quite substantial and I think it can fit and support bigger guys like myself. 
budget gaming chair
At the back, we can also see that the quality is really good with solid metal and elastic supports. The stitching and locks look good and I don’t think the upholstery will snatch that easily over time. 
budget gaming chair philippines
Next, we have the back support, it has a nice curved design for the side support and it also has the same perforated design and diamond stitching that matches the seat and the lumbar support. We also have an embroidered Player One logo up top. The stitching all over the Player One Ghost is pretty decent and I really like the overall design. 
best gaming chair philippines
And lastly, at the back, we have another embroidered Player One logo up top.
player one ghost philippines

Build Experience

Building the Player One Ghost is actually pretty easy step by step wise following the instructions, but I gotta be honest I still got winded building this bad boy. The parts are heavy and the screws obviously need a ton of effort to tighten. Nevertheless, it was a nice experience.
player one ghost philippines

Proper Review

Arm Rest

In terms of flexibility of the armrest, it is actually quite adjustable, you can adjust the height by pushing the lever underneath the armrest. You can also adjust it to be closer or farther from your elbow, and then you can also adjust it inwards or outwards. The only missing adjustment is the ability to adjust its width on the fly, but you can adjust that from the screws when you attach it on the bottom of the seat. The top of the armrest is made of soft rubber material so it is pretty comfortable especially for your elbows. 
player one gaming philippines
Looking closer, we can see the pattern of the surface, I like this instead of just plain glossy rubber finish.
player one gaming gear philippines

Head Cushion

Now in terms of the head cushion, it is one of the few things that I don’t’ like about this chair, the cushion itself is soft and comfortable, but the design of the chair and lack of adjustment makes it unusable for me because it doesn’t really lineup with my neck. Your mileage may vary of course depending on your height but I am about 5’3 possibly 5’2 and I’m at the bottom of the recommended height for this chair which is 5’3 to 6 ft. 
player one gaming chair philippines

Lumbar Support

In terms of the lumbar support, the cushion’s hardness is substantial to support my back and it’s very effective in doing that. But its size is a tad bigger than the curve of the chair so it’s not very flush, and sometimes it falls down and I have to set it up again before sitting. Not a big deal personally but it is something that they can easily improve for the next version of this chair. 
player one ghost gaming chair philippines

Tilt Adjustment

Now, with regards to the tilt adjustment of the back support, it is solid and the adjustment period is well-defined and can easily be retracted back and forth. It can easily tilt flat on its back so you can pretty much sleep on this chair if you want, and I feel like it is solid enough that I have the confidence to lean this back anytime, compared to my old office chair that I feel like can snap anytime due to my hefty weight. 
player one ghost philippines review

Nylon Caster Wheels

The wheels are pretty smooth at least for now and can move at pretty much any direction. The chair also doesn’t have any unnecessary squeaking sound whatsoever even for my weight
player one gaming chair philippines review
Moving on as promised, let’s take a closer look at the quality of the materials used for this chair. 
As I’ve mentioned earlier, the Player One Ghost has this perforated design for some parts.
player one philipines gaming chair
And looking closer we can clearly see the pores of the chair within the PU leather allowing some heat to dissipate. I can’t say that it is super effective but I appreciate that this chair has this design. 
player one ph gaming chair
Now, here’s a close up look at the leather surface as well as the stitching, time will only tell how durable this is especially with the weather we have here in the Philippines, but I have good hopes for this and I feel like it is just a matter of proper maintenance and usage to keep this chair from early wear and tear. 
premium gaming chair philippines
The stitching is very good and speaks proper craftsmanship that I think makes this chair special especially at its very competitive price point. 
player one ghost premium gaming chair


player one ghost premium gaming chair philippines
To conclude, the Player One Ghost is certainly not for the budget-minded gamers out there, but it is geared more towards gamers who are looking for a premium gaming chair without necessarily have to break the bank. For the price of 14995 pesos, it sits just below some known premium brands out there especially the ones available internationally. But what’s good about this is that if you live in the Philippines, you can easily get support for after sales.

Now, the ghost gaming chair being the first from Player One is not perfect, The design of the chair especially with the head cushion needs improvement, and the size and adjustment of the lumbar support also need a few changes. They may also want to consider adding a provision for a footrest for maximum flexibility. But other than that, I like the quality of the materials used as well as the craftsmanship, and I think overall, they did a very good job with the Player One Ghost. 

Full disclosure, this is not a sponsored review I actually just won this gaming chair from a raffle event a while ago. With that said, I was also able to talk to the people behind the brand personally, and I have a strong feeling that the Player One Brand is something to look forward to.

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Player One Ghost Gaming Chair

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