How vivo Y100’s 80W Fast Charge helps you maximize productivity

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – In today’s fast-paced world where almost everyone is either working or studying, the role of smartphones has become more important as life centers on it.


Staying connected is as vital as nurturing relationships for both people on the go and for individuals who communicate with the world through their smartphones.

The convenience devices offer contributes to why many individuals are consistently online, striving to keep pace with life’s demands.

The newest vivo Y100 comes into the picture to meet the needs of on-the-go people like employees, content creators, and students.

The vivo Y100 ensures that you’re always equipped, wherever you are and whenever you need to tackle significant tasks. It’s a great companion for those caught in their busy schedules.


Optimizes productivity for employees

Meetings are pivotal for employees, especially for managers like Alex overseeing projects. 

Picture Alex, deep into a day brimming with strategy sessions. Her team is on the brink of launching a major project, and today’s meetings are paramount for finalizing the plan. 

Midway through the first session, Alex notices her vivo Y100’s battery diminishing. She relies on her phone for emails, project files, and client communication. 

During a brief 15-minute break, Alex utilizes the phone’s 80W fast charging to swiftly replenish its battery. By break’s end, her phone is charged enough to last through the remaining meetings. 

Fast charging ensures Alex remains connected and productive, alleviating the stress of a dying battery. Indeed, the vivo Y100 empowers users to stay connected and productive throughout the workday, aiding in project success.

Fuels content creators’ creativity

Unleash creativity with the vivo Y100, tailor-made for content creators like Jordan. 

Imagine Jordan, a fashion photographer, amid a day-long photoshoot. When his vivo Y100’s battery percentage goes low, he swiftly charges it between shoots. 

The 80W fast charge keeps him on schedule, capturing photos and updating social media promptly. Fast charging proves vital for Jordan’s productivity, ensuring his phone matches his creative pace. 

Throughout the day’s shooting, the vivo Y100’s battery guarantees uninterrupted productivity, enabling content creators to fully leverage their smartphones, even during extended sessions.

Supports students’ academic needs

Smartphones are necessary tools for students, aiding in note-taking, research, presentations, and project completion. Consider Mia, a university student waking up to find her phone’s battery nearly depleted, with a crucial presentation looming. 

With 80W fast charging, she powers up her vivo Y100 while getting ready. The phone’s 5000mAh battery ensures it lasts through her presentation and beyond. 

Fast charging proves indispensable for students like Mia, requiring their devices at a moment’s notice for critical academic tasks. 

With the vivo Y100, gone are the days of enduring lengthy charging times. You can go from 0 to 80 percent battery in just half an hour, saving valuable time to tackle academic responsibilities. 

Additionally, the vivo Y100 offers Overnight Charging Protection, allowing for all-night research and projects without worry of overcharging. The system intelligently manages charging stages for safe and slow battery aging.

Experience uninterrupted connectivity and productivity with the vivo Y100. It is now available at vivo stores and kiosks nationwide, and online platforms like Shopee, TikTok, and Lazada. The price starts at Php 12,499 with 8GB RAM and up to 256GB storage, expandable to 1TB.

Do not miss out and visit the vivo website today to learn more about vivo’s newest addition to their Y Series lineup!


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