vivo Y36, most ideal phone for fashionista GenZs

Have you ever felt conscious about how you present yourself? About what kind of clothes would you wear or things to bring that will match your fashion? 

YOU. ARE. NOT. ALONE. Experts say that GenZs are the most photographed generation for being self-conscious in fashion.

In this day and age, fashion has progressed far beyond clothing and accessories, and has evolved as an artistic method of self-expression. For fashion-forward people, they need to be meticulous about their choices even on the simplest things like smartphones.

Although for some, smartphones are unconventional aspects of fashion. For others, a phone is now considered an accessory as it is widely used and always visible – making it a vital component of appearance.

Having a phone that is not only performing well but also has impressive build and stylish design are not imperative. This is where the newly released vivo Y36 comes in!

Attracting designs and colorways

Colors are a must for GenZ fashionistas. It has become a representation of their mood and emotions, in some cases. 

Almost all GenZs are immersed in mixing and matching outfits and accessorizing to achieve a certain style. Choosing the appropriate design and color of a phone is essential to harmonize any outfit they wear.

vivo’s newly released Y36 has two colorways, Glitter Aqua and Meteor Black, that can go along with any style. 

The Glitter Aqua colorway of vivo Y36 is made out of a crystal glass design, inspired by the golden ripples of a shimmering lake. It perfectly matches GenZs who exude calmness and positivity. 

The Meteor Black colorway is a good choice for GenZs who aspire to be seen as someone sophisticated and professional. Also, black can be a safe choice, complementing every fashion piece. 

Smooth curves, long-lasting comfort

Smartphones with flat sides may look good, but a phone like vivo Y36 with 2.5D curved edges looks and feels even better!

Aside from being on trend, GenZs love comfort. Curved designs on phones would make it easier for them to hold and use them for a long time without feeling numbness or discomfort. 

vivo Y36 is strategically built to reduce the rough edges that users may feel when navigating the phone. 

Selfies? Yes, please

Apart from its modern and fluid design, fashionista GenZs can boast about their OOTDs and selfies online with vivo Y36’s 50MP main camera, 2MP bokeh camera, and 16MP selfie camera. 

Explore the phone’s camera exposure feature to bring creativity to photos worthy enough for GenZs’ curated social media platforms.

Further, vivo Y36 is equipped with 8GB RAM with Turbo Memory Booster, 256GB storage + 1TB expandability, and 240Hz touch sampling rate, which conveys reliable performance. 

Powered by the 6nm Snapdragon chipset and 5000mAh battery, GenZs are ensured that they can fully depend on the vivo Y36 all day.

Get vivo Y36 now for only Php 12,999 – available at vivo Philippine’s official website, e-stores such as Shopee, Lazada and TikTok, as well as physical stores nationwide.


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