Acer Predator x TNC Press Conference

Manila Philippines, November 2019 – The inclusion of esports as a medal tournament in the coming Southeast Asian Games is proof that gamers, in their relentless pursuit of recognition, have finally won the battle over skeptics. What was once a small niche community has morphed into a worldwide mainstream battlefield.

As it forges a partnership with TNC Premium Cafe and Ground Zero, the leading PC brand for 13 consecutive years* Acer Predator has always been ready to throw its all-out support to the Filipino gaming community as members are winning tournament after tournament.

Left to Right, Acer PH General Manager Sue Ong-Lim & TNC Group of Companies President & Founder Eric Redulfin

Gamers, hardcore or otherwise, worked hard to elevate the gaming industry to where it is now: a multi-billion industry where pot money can go up to millions and millions of dollars. But no one can put a price tag to the kind of hard work gamers poured into their passion which led to bringing honor to the country.

Equipped with the Predator’s latest and premium gaming devices specially designed for serious hardcore gaming athletes, TNC Premium Café and GroundZero provide a venue for these gamers to further hone their skills in an environment that supports their passion.

Left to Right NVIDIA Philippines Country Manager, Jerome Matti, NVIDIA Philippines Marketing Manager Frances E. яндекс. Fernandez, NVIDIA Philippines iCAFE Manager, Arnold Padilla

Predator took its time in learning the industry and researching what gamers truly need in their arsenal. The results are gaming premium devices that can withstand and weather all the beatings during games. They are not sturdy but solid and powerful. The gaming laptops were built to keep gamers going for as long as they can and as long as they need to be.

The partnership between Predator and TNC is aimed at providing the gaming community everything that it needs to become the best not only in the Philippines but in the region as well. Having people and brands that people believe in their endeavors makes them even more capable of surpassing their previous feats. It also drives them to be even better especially if they have pieces of equipment that are almost designed to meet their ever-increasing need as games become more sophisticated and more difficult than before.

Left to Right NVIDIA PH Country Manager Jerome Matti, Acer PH General Manager Sue Ong-Lim, Team TNC Grp of Cos. President & Founder Eric Redulfin, Acer PH Managing Director Manuel Wong, TNC Grp of Cos. VP for Operations Jim Paulo Sy

Receiving the much-coveted Red Dot Brand Award is recognition at Predator’s efforts to elevate the gaming industry and support for gamers. Predator is the first gaming brand to win the Red Dot Award: Brands Communication Design, which finds the best-designed brands and creative projects from designers, agencies and companies around the globe.


*Based on third party research company, as of September 2019 retail audit.


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