Securecam X1 Wi-Fi Review + Step by Step Guide

It has been a while since I’ve reviewed a security camera, the last time was the Sricam SP017, it is decent but there’s one important factor that I don’t like about it, it cannot be accessed outside of our home network without fiddling with the router settings.
What we have here today will solve that one particular downside of a home security camera, the Securecam X1 Wifi from which can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. It’s also worth noting that there’s no subscription fee for this service which is really nice. So let’s dig in and see if this little security camera is really worth a shot.
securecam x1 wifi review


Can be accessed anywhere with internet connection, Easy to set up, With an intuitive companion app
Cons: Microphone cannot be turned off


Model: X1
Storage Type: microSD (not included)
Max Capacity: 64GB
Effective Pixels: 1 megapixel
Wifi Support: 802.11 b/g/n -12.4ghz
Device Req: Wi-Fi/2G/3G/4G/LTE
Microphone: Built-in
Speaker: Built-in
Frame rate: Up to 30 FPS
Video Format: 720p (1280x720p)
Video Compression: H.264
Power Recover: Support

securecam x1 review
securecam app
As I’ve mentioned, the advantage of the Securecam X1 is that you can access it anywhere with an internet connection, whether using Wi-Fi or mobile data.
securecam review


The package includes a micro USB cable which is very substantial at around 6.5ft.
signal vault review
Partnered with a standard 5V/1A wall adaptor.
signal vault secure cam review
We also have here a couple of mounting screws and a pin ejector tool that you can use to reset the camera if necessary.
securecam x1 wifi app review
A user manual which has all the info you need to set up the camera.
securecam x1 wifi app
You can also grab a microSD card directly from when you order the Securecam X1. 
securecam x1 wifi setup

And of course, the Securecam X1 itself.


The design and construction are pretty similar to what I’ve already seen with other brands when it comes to an indoor security camera. We have the main camera unit in front mounted on a plastic platform. 
securecam x1 wifi setup guide
Above the camera, we have the infrared night vision sensor.
securecam x1 wifi installation
And at the bottom, we have the LED indicator which can be turned on and off from the Securecam app.
securecam x1 app
At the back, we have the reset switch under this pinhole. 
securecam x1 setup

We also have here at the back the built-in speaker and the microphone.
securecam x1 setup guide
Flipping it on the side, we have the microSD card slot which supports up to 64GB. 
securecam x1 installation
At the bottom, we have the micro USB port for power.
securecam camera review

And lastly, at the bottom of the platform, we have the mounting holes. The Securecam’s platform or stand can be rotated and the thing that holds the main camera unit can be tilted so that you can properly set up the camera to the correct angle.

signal vault security camera review


– Motion Detection/Alerts
– NightVue HD Night Vision
– Two-Way Communication
– Instant Alerts
– Up to 64GB MicroSD Card Support
– Easy Wi-Fi Setup
– Works with Apple and Android Devices
Now, let’s discuss what I like and don’t like about the Securecam X1. 
Let’s start with the App. The app is available for both IOS and Android and it’s actually very intuitive. You have all your basic functions like live view, on the fly video recording, snapshot, and microphone toggle if you want to speak through the camera. You can also opt to change the resolution from SD to HD if you want and set the view to full screen. Everything works as intended except for one issue that I personally don’t like. You can turn the speaker on and off but there’s no way to turn off the built-in microphone, the audio will be captured on the microSD card video recording as well as on live view. So basically, the camera is always listening and everyone who has access to it will hear everything the camera picks up, which for me is a bit of an issue when it comes to privacy. But if you only add trusted users or you place the camera in a location where privacy is not a concern, then it’s all good.
x1 wifi secure cam review
Aside from my gripe with the microphone, the app is almost complete. You can turn the LED on and off, rotate the image in case you mount the camera upside down, set up alarm, enable video storage, set up video lock for extra security, add and remove users who need access to the camera and change the wifi settings.
Now, when you add users on the user management, they will have access to view, hear and speak through the camera anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. This is great for me personally, because I can set up the camera on our newborn puppies for example so that my sister who lives elsewhere can view them when she wants to. The use case scenario for this camera is limitless, you can set it up on your garage, on your workspace, bedroom, and whatnot. 
x1 wifi securecam review
Now, when it comes to the quality of the video recording, the resolution is 1280x720p which is decent enough for an indoor security camera. For me personally, it’s acceptable and what’s important is that the details are good enough to recognize what’s happening. 
x1 wifi ph

It also has a night vision feature which automatically triggers when it detects that there’s no ample light on the environment

x1 wifi setup

Setup Guide

Now, before we wrap this up, here’s the video version of this review with step by step guide on how to set up the Securecam X1. You can watch the entire video or skip to 1:37 mark.


In conclusion, aside from me being paranoid when it comes to the microphone, the Securecam X1 is a decent option for an indoor security camera. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles like a motorized platform with the Sricam SP017, but at least it can be accessed anywhere without messing with network settings which I think is more important than the mobility of the camera. The app as I’ve mentioned is very intuitive and the setup process is like a breeze. The video quality can be better but at its price point of around 40 USD, you just need to set your expectations right.
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Securecam X1 Wi-Fi 

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