TP-Link’s Top Tech Gifts for Everyone This Holiday Season

Makati, Philippines – TP-Link recognizes that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to tech needs. That’s why the leading innovator of connectivity and home solutions has meticulously curated the ultimate gift list that will bring smiles to loved ones this holiday – Whether it’s a present for the tech guru, smart home manager, gaming pro, or someone who just wants to decorate the home, TP-Link understands that the perfect gift can be the heartwarming act that completes the season.

With TP-Link, the holidays become not just a season of giving, but a season of connection, comfort, and joy. Make the holidays extra merry with these TP-Link products for loved ones: 

For Those Always Connected

Add a stylish and super-speedy WiFi system into the home. The  Archer Air R5 and Archer Air E5 are the thinnest router and extender duo that is sure to enhance the home network. 

Archer Air R5: Shopee | Lazada
Archer Air E5: Shopee | Lazada

The Archer Air Series also has Wi-Fi 6 and boasts its smart antennas, ensuring strong, stable, and seamless wireless connections throughout your home. You can also check the Archer AX12 for another Wi-Fi 6 Router option. TP-Link’s powerful top-of-the-line router is a perfect upgrade to your existing router and is great for your everyday use, experiencing less lag.

Archer AX12: Shopee | Lazada 

For Those With A Smart Home 

Tapo P100

Smart homes are taking over! The Tapo P100 (1-pack) (US) and Tapo P105 (1-pack) (US) smart plugs are the perfect addition. Control devices from anywhere through the Tapo app, thanks to the Remote Control feature. You can even control and schedule Christmas lights to turn on and off automatically!

Whether it’s turning off forgotten morning devices instantly, presetting a schedule to automatically manage devices, or creating the perfect ambiance, these nifty gadgets have it all covered. Manage the smart plugs with voice commands via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Plus, the Away Mode can simulate someone being at home by automatically turning connected devices on and off randomly, enhancing home security. The compact design ensures they won’t block adjacent sockets, and the easy setup and use require no hub – making it quick to set up and manage via the free app.

Tapo P100: Shopee | Lazada
Tapo P105: Shopee | Lazada

For Those Bringing Color into the Home

Tapo L530E

Transform any space’s ambiance with the perfect lighting using the  Tapo L630 and Tapo L530E(2-pack) Smart Bulbs. This intelligent bulb allows effortless lighting control with a handy app, so any room is always in the right ambiance and is picture-perfect. It’s the ideal device for setting the mood on Christmas gatherings, and would be an excellent gift for those who want a brighter and more stylish space! 

Tapo L630: Shopee | Lazada
Tapo L530e(2-pack): Shopee | Lazada

Tapo L930

For a more festive lighting option, the Tapo L930-5 and Tapo L900-5 Colorful strip lights are a great choice! These easy-to-set-up, colored light strips can be the perfect addition to the Christmas tree or home decor. They can go by furnace, window, or anywhere that needs that extra festive magic!

Tapo L930-5: Shopee | Lazada
Tapo L900: Shopee | Lazada

For Those Who Value Extra Security 

Tapo C210

For added protection, all year round, TP-Link’s Tapo C210 is the perfect addition to the home. With 3MP Ultra- High Definition video and advanced features such as motion detection,  night vision, a two-way audio system, and remote monitoring, it will be your new home protection solution. You can conveniently set up and operate the device through the Tapo app and use Alexa and Google Assistant voice control. It is the perfect stylish and practical gift idea this holiday season. 

Tapo C210: Shopee | Lazada

Check out TP-Link’s flagship store in SM North EDSA, online platforms Shopee and Lazada, or any authorized resellers today!

For more information on TP-Link, its products, services, and other news, please visit its official website, as well as their social media pages ( Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | Tiktok ).


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