How to Improve your Desk Setup – From potato to a clean desk setup

Beyond pure aesthetic reasons, having a clean desk can make you even more productive or at least maintain your sanity while you work. This, of course, doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone. Some people may want their stuff within reach so they tend to leave it on their desk. But for me personally, I want my desk to be always clean as much as possible so I can focus more on my tasks.

I am sharing a workspace with my wife who has a little desk on the other side of the room that is a little bit messy and doesn’t have enough space to work with, and I figured, why not try to clean it up a bit and improve her desk set up so that she can work more efficiently and also encourage her to play PC games with me. And as it turned out, my plan actually worked.

how to improve your desk setup

Just a quick disclaimer guys, this is not a complete guide whatsoever. I just thought of sharing this so you can have some ideas on how to improve your own desk setup.

The Old Setup

Here’s the old desk setup, as you can see it’s quite messy and there’s a lot going on here. The monoblock table on the left side is pretty much useless because of the amount of things on top of it. We pretty much use it only for charging our phones and other devices.

The brown table on the right side is too tiny to serve as a desk set up for her PC. It’s not actually meant for that purpose, it’s more of a table for a TV.

how to improve your setup

Please take note guys that we actually don’t have the budget yet to buy a dedicated table to be used on this setup.

So instead, we used another monoblock table that we have in the other room to make this DIY long table. It’s not very ideal, yes, because we don’t have enough room for our legs at the center. But that’ll do for now. The black rubber mat you see at the center of the table is just there to somehow block the gap between the two monoblock tables.

gaming setup tips and tricks
Next thing we did is add some things to kinda make it an actual desk set up with the lamp at the left and a plant at the right. 
gaming setup accessories

The New Setup

After a couple of weeks, I was able to grab new peripherals from Fantech (keyboard, mouse, and mousepad) and changed the lamp and the plant on each side and added another lamp just in case my wife wants to work at night. 
I also used the old brown table and stuck it under the monoblock table for storage. This setup can be used with either her desktop PC or my laptop as you can see on the right side of the image below.
gaming setup ideas
Looking closer at the new setup as you can see, it’s tidier and there’s a lot more room to work with compared to the old setup. 
how to make a clean desk setup
how to make a clean desktop

New Shooting Setup

Another reason why I wanted to make this new setup is I wanted to have another place where I can test and shoot products. It actually turned out pretty well, you can see this setup on some of my new videos here.
how to make a clean desk
how to create a clean desk
The only real issue about this setup is the lack of legroom on the center, but that will be fixed once we get a new and proper table.
how to create a clean desktop

Here are some quick tips on how to improve your desk setup

* Tidy things up, organize the things per category and place them together
* As much as possible, do some cable management for your PC so the wires are not sticking out like spaghetti
* Only put necessary items on top of your desk so you can have more room to work with
* Wipe your desk every once in a while to maintain it’s cleanliness especially if it’s color white
* Add some things such as lamps, plants, action figures and stuff like that to add interest to your desk setup and make it a little bit less boring.

Final Words

Again, guys, this may not be a complete guide on how to improve your desk setup but I think what’s the main take away from this is that even if you don’t have a budget, you can still improve your desk setup. You just need to be creative with your imagination and use whatever you already have lying around. I encourage you guys to use this as an inspiration to start making some changes to your desk setup how small it may be even if you don’t have the money to buy expensive stuff.

It was a win-win situation for me, I was able to tidy up my wife’s desk setup and I was able to convince her to play PC games with me occasionally. I also now have another setup to shoot and review products. Totally worth it!

Here’s a quick video I made to showcase this new setup

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