How to use the Universal Clip Lens for Smartphone

I recently made a review about the universal clip lens here and I promised to make a follow-up tutorial on how to use it, so here we are. As I’ve mentioned in the review, There are three lenses on this package, the fisheye lens, the wide angle lens and the macro lens. but for me personally, the macro lens is practically the only usable lens among all the lenses.  but that doesn’t mean the two other lenses are really useless. for some, they can be useful in different types of scenario,…

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Universal Clip Lens Review – Useless, except for one

I bought the universal clip lens for my smartphone because one, it’s now incredibly cheap. before there is only a few available smartphone lens out there and one of them is the popular olloclip lens that is much more expensive. but now, we have many cheap alternatives and the universal clip lens is one of them. Second, I needed a fisheye lens for a short film project that I made that requires me to shoot from a corner of a street and get the two perpendicular streets in one frame…

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UPCOMING REVIEW | Universal Clip Lens for Mobile Phones

This Universal Clip Lens has mixed feedback among it’s buyers, some says it’s garbage and some says it’s usable. I got this for a while now and to be honest, it’s actually usable. You just have to use it the right way and don’t put too much expectations from it. Remember, this is just an accessory to your main optical lens, the quality also depends on the smart phone you are using. And of course, as with anything about photography, there are a lot of factors (e.g. lighting, subject, composition, etc.)…

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