vivo V29 5G sets the stage for V30 Series in selfie excellence

vivo, a brand synonymous with exceptional selfie cameras, has once again left a mark in the smartphone industry with its stellar vivo V29 5G. 

The industry’s recognition of the vivo V29 5G’s capabilities speaks volumes. In 2023, it was hailed as the best selfie camera by the largest and longest-running tech site, solidifying its position as a leader in smartphone photography. 

Another tech entity also hailed vivo V29 5G as the mid-range smartphone in 2023. Moreover, the prestigious 5th VP Choice Awards has nominated the V29 5G as the 2023 mid-range smartphone as well, a testament to its overall excellence beyond its impressive camera features. The month-long voting starts on March 15, 2024.

The device has showcased vivo’s prowess in photography and set a benchmark for future releases, including the highly anticipated vivo V30 Series. 

It epitomizes the art of taking selfies to a whole new level. Equipped with a powerful 50MP HD front camera featuring a 92° wide-angle lens, autofocus, and electronic image stabilization (EIS), it redefines the standards of selfie photography. 

The wide-angle lens ensures that every group photo captures the entire scene, ensuring no one gets left out of the frame. Meanwhile, advanced features like autofocus tracking guarantee sharp and focused selfies, regardless of the distance from your subjects. 

The vivo V30 Series is poised to inherit and expand upon the innovative camera technology of its predecessor, vivo V29 5G, promising users an unmatched selfie photography experience.

Join vivo on March 20, 2024 at 7pm for the much-awaited launch of the vivo V30 Series. Set a reminder and bookmark this link for the live stream event:

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