FUJIFILM Business Innovation Advances Business Process Transformation with New Cloud Service 

FUJIFILM IWpro ease process digitalization by integrating and maximizing existing systems

MANILA, December 6, 2023 – FUJIFILM Business Innovation announces the launch of FUJIFILM IWpro, a new cloud service enabling all businesses, especially the small and medium-sized businesses to integrate and maximize their existing systems to drive productivity and business growth. FUJIFILM IWpro will be available in the Philippines from December 2023.

With the acceleration of new technologies, every business, including the small and medium-size businesses know they must embrace digital transformation and be adaptable to survive. However, challenges abound such as the employees’ inertia to embrace new technologies and business processes, siloed process optimization without full integration of existing systems, and poor reconciliation and usage of print and digitized data collected internally and externally.

With FUJIFILM IWpro, a cloud-based workspace that consolidates information received via paper, email and fax, and further optimize the data through a series of business operations such as digitization, confirmation, processing, printing, and sending. The workspace facilitates collaboration by connecting to various existing systems and allows easy data sharing with internal and external stakeholders.

Through a single workspace, multiple users can access and perform a wide range of tasks, including data digitization, extraction, validation, processing, and output, enabling centralized data management and swift yet secured data sharing. Redundant process such as recording and sharing similar data to multiple users and systems is eliminated. Furthermore, the “Task Bar (Work Navigation)” function boosts collaboration and productivity by allowing users to chat with team members on the workspace and proceed with the shared procedure seamlessly. Siloed process and workstyle are removed as it allows easy integration to multiple existing systems and connection to the business solutions*1 available on the workspace. 

We partner with key cloud service providers to support customers in realizing their digital transformation. FUJIFILM IWpro’s unique capabilities enable business processes to be optimized further with added functions in data visualization and analysis. 

FUJIFILM Business Innovation is committed to creating “Customer Happy eXperience” (CHX) and this customer-centric approach underpins all innovation and technology driving the products, services, and solutions. 

*1: It connects to business systems such as Cybozu Kintone and DocuSign e-Signature.

Partner Endorsement

Yoshihisa Aono, President and Representative Director of Cybozu, Inc. 

Cybozu Inc. warmly welcomes the launch of FUJIFILM IWpro, a new cloud solution by FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp. This new solution, when combined with Cybozu’s business productivity platform, Kintone, will enable users to create a centralized digital workplace that can connect their business processes seamlessly.  

Cybozu firmly believes customers will greatly benefit from the increased transparency and business optimization offered by these cloud solutions. We look forward to working with FUJIFILM Business Innovation on expanding our partnership and continuing to deliver the solutions that best fit our customers’ needs. 

FUJIFILM IWpro Partners 


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