The Perfect Way to Recycle your Most Precious Tech Gadget Ft. Xreart Framed Artwork!

If you’re looking for something unique to hang on your wall but not just the typical boring stuff, Xreart’s got you covered. Xreart is a relatively new company established in 2019 by a group of photographers and tech enthusiasts with the goal of preserving iconic tech gadgets in the form of framed artwork. Essentially, they deconstruct old and used electronic devices, and lay them out in an aesthetically pleasing manner with all the details necessary to describe all of the components for an overall unique and attractive wall art. Their…

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3 simple ways to discover and M-brace authenticity

Young professionals are naturally creative and many have found success both in the Philippines and abroad. The world has seen actors, photographers, animators, content creators, and gamers establish careers that allow them to do what they love. This, in turn, has encouraged Filipino millennials to pursue their crafts, explore their creativity, and live their best and most authentic lives.  Identity develops from the moment people are born. Developing minds are gradually filled with knowledge about who people should be and what people should think. Finding your true self is a…

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