Featuring the NEW Amazfit GTR 2 Smartwatch

When it comes to budget smartwatches, their special features are often limited to step trackers or additional notifications. Meanwhile, smartwatches with high-end specs, like dynamic coaching and Cloud back-ups, can be quite expensive.

Fortunately, a new smartwatch has been launched as a solution to these gaps: the Amazfit GT4 2 Smartwatch, from wearables, brand Huami (partially owned by Xiaomi). This product gives you more advanced health features and a better display, while still being cheaper than the newest Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch.


Size: 46.4 x 46.4 x 10.7mm
Weight: Sports edition – 31.5g (without strap), Classic edition – 39g (without strap)
Materials: Sports edition – aluminum alloy case, polycarbonate back, silicon (strap), Classic edition – steel case, polycarbonate back, silicon-reinforced leather (strap)
Compatibility: Android, iPhone
Battery: 471mAh
Battery life: 14 days (38 days, if basic mode)
Charging time: 2.5 hours
Sensors: PPG heart rate sensor
6-axis accelerometer
3-axis geomagnetic sensor
Ambient light sensor
No official IP rating, but water-resistant up to 50m in freshwater
Connectivity: Bluetooth v5 BLE


The Amazfit GTR 2 Smartwatch has two design options: Sports and Classic. The Sports edition is named as such because it is more suited for activities, weighing only 31.5 grams (without the strap). Its aluminum alloy model can hide scratches relatively better than the stainless steel of the Classic edition.

The main thing to look out for with this smartwatch is the display. It’s a 1.39-inch, 454 x 454 resolution AMOLED display that offers better colors than LCD screens. It also has a built-in ambient light sensor, giving the display a bright and consistent quality — regardless if you’re indoors or outdoors. This makes the time, notifications, and everything else easy to read. Plus, the smartwatch has an always-on display option so checking the time or your number of steps is just a glance away. On top of this, the swipes register without any noticeable lag, and the glass has a fingerprint- and scratch-resistant coating.

As of writing, Huami is yet to reveal details regarding the CPU or RAM. However, they have shared that it has 3GB of internal storage for storing music exclusively, meaning the actual storage is bigger than 3GB. Despite its small size, its engineers were able to compress all the components into one tiny board, using the right impedance calculation integrated into the PCB’s design. Impedance affects crosstalk susceptibility and sheet capacitance, so it’s responsible for how much power is delivered throughout tech devices. Careful manipulation of this is what enabled GTR 2’s engineers to make the smartwatch last for more than 14 days.

Other Features

The Amazfit GTR 2 has a speaker and a microphone on the other side, making it possible to take calls when paired with your phone. You can also listen to the music stored on the smartwatch, and enjoy the voice command powered by Alexa.

Using the Amazfit GTR 2 on basic mode makes it last for as long as 38 days without charging. Basic mode means not using its monitoring features or Bluetooth connection, and using the other features sparingly. Typical usage means using features like listening to music and continuously monitoring your heart rate, which makes the smartwatch last 14 days. Even if you use multiple features simultaneously (like the always-on display, sleep breathing analysis, all-day stress monitoring, and activity detection), it still lasts 4 days before you have to charge it again.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that you can use for a myriad of features and maximize day-to-day, consider the Amazfit GTR 2. It offers specs that are definitely worth your money. For more product reviews on technology, check our reviews archive.


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