Mobile Action Game Black Moon Is Officially Live

The first step to unraveling the mysterious phenomenon starts here: Black Moon is now live! 

Dawnbringers from Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines can now join the fight for the dawn on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For gamers who want a more widescreen experience, the game is also available via your favorite emulator platforms.

Download the game HERE.

Black Moon Rising

Steel your heart and join Kamitsuki, Ling, and Lilim to carve a path straight to the heart of the answers you seek. Master devastating combo-based attacks unique to each character and score the highest possible combo multiplier for bigger rewards!

To celebrate the launch of the game, players have access to Welcome Events designed to equip Dawnbringers with the tools and resources they need in order to grow stronger and progress through the game faster. Level up your chosen character and gain Dark Crystals, the currency needed to call forth powerful weapons to aid your cause.

There will also be a Daily Login event that players can join in order to unlock more Dark Crystals as well as the ability to unlock the Burning Star weapons and the ability to increase these weapons’ level to UR (Ultra Rare)! Burning Star weapons are non-transferable between accounts, so make sure you choose the right weapon type for the character you are using.

Finally, you can get the chance to unlock the Azure Chaos skin set for your chosen character when you complete the required missions! Show off your drip-and-go monster-slaying in style and unlock this special SSR fashion set!

For players who want a bigger challenge, Black Moon also features game modes where you match skills against other players! Participate in intense PvP matches where you go one-on-one against other Dawnbringers. The Guild vs Guild feature allows players to band together, plan, and execute out-of-the-box strategies to confound their rival guilds and claim the title of Strongest!

Designed to throw you straight into the action, Black Moon’s dynamic graphics, engaging story, and multiple competitive game modes scratch that itch for a great beat ’em-up game for hardcore action RPG enthusiasts and casual players looking for a cool game to pass the time. 

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