realme Power Bank 2 10,000mAh Review

realme is currently on a tear when it comes to their product releases with consecutive product launches featuring their latest 6 series smartphones, a smart band, and a true wireless earbud. But apparently, they are not yet finished as they release a couple more AIoT products in the form of the realme Power Bank 2 and the realme Buds Air Neo.

Today, we’re taking a look at the realme Power Bank 2 which is the upgraded version of their previous power bank with better circuit protection and with a low-current mode for low powered AIoT devices. 


Pros: Decent build quality, Nice grippy texture, 18W quick charge with multiple circuit protection, Dual output with USB Type C, Low current mode

Cons: A bit slow to recharge


Capacity: 10,000mAh 
18W Two-way Quick Charge
Supports Qualcomm’s QC 4.0 and other charging protocols (e.g. PD, AFC, SFCP, PE, BC 1.2)
Dual Output ports (USB Type-A & Type-C)
Low Current mode for AIoT devices
13-layers circuit protection
Grippy texture
Black and Yellow variants
LED indicator lights


Upon opening the box, you’ll be greeted by the realme Power Bank 2 itself.

And then underneath it, we have the user manual, 

And a charging cable with dual MicroUSB and USB Type C plugs.


Design, Construction, and Parts Overview

In terms of the design and construction, the realme Power Bank 2 is solidly built with a nice grippy texture and a black and yellow colorway.

Flipping the power bank at the bottom side, we have the technical information such as the capacity and its certifications.

On the other side, we have the USB Type-A output port, the USB Type C dual input, and output port, 4 LED indicators for battery level, and the power button.



  • The realme Power Bank 2 features a relatively slim form factor with a thickness of only around 15mm and weighs roughly around 216g
  • Like I said, it also features grippy texture with a large yellow realme logo
  • The realme Power Bank 2 supports 18W charging for both charging your devices as well as charging the power bank itself via the USB Type C port
  • It also features dual-charging mode via the USB Type A and Type C ports.
  • The realme Power Bank 2 also features low current mode which you can activate by pressing the power button twice. This is ideal for charging low-powered devices such as smart bands, smartwatches, and headphones.

Battery Life

For our testing, we used the realme 6 smartphone as our test subject.

Test 1: WiFi Off, Bluetooth Off, 50% Brightness 

Charging the realme 6 using the realme Power Bank 2 from 20% to 100% took about 1 hour and 53 minutes and after that, the power bank’s remaining charge is around 2 bars left.

Test 2: WiFi and Bluetooth On, Music playing via Bluetooth, 50% Brightness

With 2  bars left on the realme Power Bank 2, charging the realme 6 from 20% to 100% while using the smartphone as stated above, charging took about 2 hours and after that, the LED indicators on the realme Power Bank starts flashing indicating that it is running out of charge.

Test 3: WiFi and Bluetooth On, 50% Brightness

With the realme Power Bank 2 running out of charge, we still able to charge the realme 6 by around 7% so essentially, you can charge the realme 6 with a 4300mAh of battery at least 2 times.

Recharging performance

Test 1

Charging the realme Power Bank 2 using a 22W power brick took around 4 hours and 50 minutes

Test 2

Charging the realme Power Bank 2 using the 30W power brick of the realme 6 took around 4 hours and 37 minutes


To conclude, the realme Power Bank 2 proved to be a decent and reliable companion for your electronic devices with a bunch of useful features for both quick charging your devices as well as keeping them safe. 2 full charge is pretty decent in my opinion but recharging the realme Power Bank 2 for almost around 5 hours is a bit too long for my preference. Nevertheless, if you’re a fan of realme and you have a bunch of their products already such as Smartphones, Smart watches, True wireless earbuds, and whatnot, having the realme Power Bank 2 allows you to dive deeper into the realme ecosystem.

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Thanks to realme Philippines for making this review possible, You can get this power bank from the link below

realme Power Bank 2













  • Decent build quality
  • Nice grippy texture
  • 18W quick charge with multiple circuit protection
  • Dual output with USB Type C
  • Low current mode


  • A bit slow to recharge

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