Must-Haves for Halloween Party 2017 – Don’t be scared!

It’s that time of the year again when kids enjoy treat or trick and adults have an excuse to party dressed up. Halloween Parties are fun, you get to dress up like the cutest unicorn ever or the scariest witch that wasn’t even invited to the party. haha

Halloween happens only once a year so you have to make the most of it. 

halloween 2017 ideas
Halloween make up idea by Daisy Lachica

Today, I’m going to help you out with your Halloween Party planning ideas by giving you these

Must-Haves for Halloween Party 2017 

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Halloween Costumes

For Kids

halloween costume for kids
Superhero Costume Set
Every kid dreams of being a superhero, make their dream come true this Halloween by dressing them up with these popular superhero costumes.

When I was a kid I actually dressed up like a soldier during one of our Halloween party and I vividly remember running around our school’s playground pretending to be a soldier on the battleground. 

These small memories last, so don’t miss the opportunity for your kids to have a great childhood.

Other costume ideas for kids

halloween costumes for kids
Prince Charming Costume
halloween costumes for boys
Pirate Costume
halloween costumes for girls
Cute Witch Costume

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For Men

halloween costume for adults
Full Body Skeleton Costume

Impress your friends and co-workers during your Halloween party by going all out and dressing up like a skeleton.

If you don’t want a full body costume, then you can just put a scary mask or makeup. 

Or you can just be yourself. haha!

Other costume ideas for Men

halloween zombie face mask
Zombie Face Mask
halloween zombie face mask
Zombie, Skull and Monster Masks
halloween vampire teeth
Vampire Teeth

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For Women

halloween zombie bride costume
Zombie Bride Costume

Who says you can’t be fabulous and sexy during a Halloween party? 

Dress up like a Zombie Bride and prove that fashion is for all seasons! 

Make those zombies line up!

Other costume ideas for Women

halloween vampire bat costume
Vampire Bat Costume
halloween wonder woman costume
Wonder Woman Costume
halloween wonder woman costume for girls
Wonder Woman Costume for Girls

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Halloween Makeup

For Kids

halloween face paint for kids
Face Paint for Kids
Face paint is very popular with kids during parties such as Christmas, Birthday, Christening, etc. and Halloween is not an exception.

Kids love arts and crafts, they love showing their creativity and having fun at the same time. 

Add face paint with their Halloween costumes for them to stand out from the rest of the kids and make their Halloween experience memorable.

Plus, It’s a good way to bond with your kids.

For Adults

halloween make up for adults
Makeup for Adults

It’s your time to shine! I mean It’s your time to do whatever you want with your face without being criticized for being crazy!

You can put extreme scary makeup, It’s the only time of the year you can do it and get away with it.

Be creative, watch YouTube tutorials and enjoy cosplaying as your favorite scary movie character!

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Extreme Halloween Costumes and Props

extreme halloween makeup
Fake nail through the head
If you’re the type of person who wants to go all out and scare the hell out of your friends and family then these Halloween props are for you.

This fake nail through the head will surely strike a head turner when someone sees you with this prop. 

Partner this with fake blood and you’re all set!

Other extreme Halloween props

halloween fake bloody neck
Fake Bloody Neck
halloween fake bloody hands
Fake Bloody Hands
halloween terrorist zombie mask
Zombie Terrorist Mask

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Halloween Party Decorations

halloween balloons - halloween decorations
Halloween Balloon Decorations

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without decorations. Whether it’s at your home or your office, Halloween decorations are a must for this season.
From balloons, spider webs, ghosts and signs the variety of Halloween decorations is huge.

Personally, I prefer using spider webs and bats for decoration and a few pumpkin lanterns.  

Other Halloween Decoration Ideas

halloween hanging bats decoration
Hanging Bats
halloween hanging ghosts decoration
Hanging Ghost Decorations
halloween hanging banner decoration
Trick or Treat Banner

There you have it guys, I hope I’ve helped you come up with ideas for your Halloween party this coming November. Feel free to buy using the links I provided but please make sure to read all the product description to make sure you buy the right item that you want. Happy Halloween!

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