Redmagic Mechanical Keyboard and Gaming Mouse Review

Let me ask you something. when you hear the brand Redmagic, what comes into your mind first? Gaming phone right? well, did you know that they are now expanding their product line targeting PC gamers as well?
Earlier this year, they announced that they are going to release a set of gaming peripherals including a gaming mousepad, mouse, keyboard, and monitor. And today, we’ve finally got the chance to check out 2 of those peripherals with Redmagic’s take on a gaming mechanical keyboard and mouse.

The Redmagic Mechanical keyboard features an unorthodox 1800 layout with Hotswappable sockets, and a gasket mount design, and uses fast TTC Speed Silver V2 switches, and some extra bells and whistles with a customizable display and knob.

The Redmagic Gaming Mouse on the other hand features a 75g two-toned construction with a unique translucent top shell. It also uses a reliable sensor with a Pixart PAW3395 sensor and uses Kailh GM 8.0 Black Mamba microswitches.

Both these peripherals feature tri-mode connectivity. Now, the question is, are they good enough to compete with the likes of the ASUS ROG, Razer, Logitech, or even the Mountain Everest? Let’s find out, let’s get into it.


Redmagic Mechanical Keyboard and Gaming Mouse Review



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