Lazada Big Discovery Sale 2019 – Mechanical Keyboards Sale!

Tomorrow, September 9, 2019, LAZADA Philippines will be having a Big Discovery Sale and like with any Lazada sale, I think this is the perfect timing for anyone to get their hands on a Mechanical Keyboard. I’ve listed below some of the Mechanical Keyboards that will go on sale especially the ones that I’ve already reviewed. 

Anne Pro 2 60% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Anne Pro 2 Black Case/Gateron Brown – From 4109 to 3769 Pesos
Anne Pro 2 (Black Case/Gateron Red) – From 4199 to 3700 Pesos
Anne Pro 2 (White Case/Gateron Brown) – From 4166 to 3729 Pesos
Anne Pro 2 White Case/Gateron Blue – From 4120 to 3719 Pesos

The Anne Pro 2 is one of the best budget 60% mechanical keyboard out there with a great selection of quality switches, a variety of very useful features and a very polished software.

Royal Kludge RK61 60% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Royal Kludge RK61 Wired/Wireless Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard – From 2268 to 2245 Pesos

The Royal Kludge RK61 is in my opinion the best budget alternative to the Anne Pro 2 60% Mechanical Keyboard. It has a very good layer implementation, good build quality and performs quite decently in wireless mode for just a fraction of the price of the Anne Pro 2.

Gigaware K28 Mechanical Keyboard

Gigaware K28 (Content Blue Switch) – From 898 to 853 Pesos

The Gigaware K28 Mechanical Keyboard is one of the cheapest mechanical keyboard that I can find on Lazada. 

Geek GK64 60% Hotswappable Mechanical Keyboard

Geek GK64 (Gateron Brown) – From 3540 to 3115.20 Pesos

The Geek GK64 is one of the best budget 60% keyboard that I’ve tried so far in terms of overall ease of use in a compact form factor, it is hotswappable using a standard switch and has dedicated arrow keys to boot! This is great for those who want to step down in size but doesn’t want to compromise the efficiency of their workflow.

Geek GK61 60% Hotswappable Optical Mechanical Keyboard

Geek GK61 – From 2056 to 1837.76 Pesos

If you’re looking for a decent budget hot-swappable keyboard that has an optical switch, then look no further than the Geek GK61 60% mechanical keyboard.

Royal Kludge G87 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Royal Kludge G87 (RK Brown Switch) – From 2299 to 2049 Pesos

The Royal Kludge G87 is a mechanical keyboard that’s built like a tank, works in both wired and wireless mode, has tons of lighting modes and has side glow illumination to boot!

Custom PBT DoubleShot Keycaps

Custom PBT DoubleShot Keycaps – From 555 to 488 Pesos

Customizing your mechanical keyboard should not always be expensive, there are a lot of alternative cheap Custom PBT DoubleShot Keycaps like this one.

AKKO Steam Engine SA Keycaps

Akko Steam Engine SA Keycaps – From 2414 to 2148

The Akko Steam Engine SA PBT keycaps can definitely make your keyboard look and feel even better than before. 

ASUS TUF Gaming Peripherals

ASUS TUF Gaming Gear Bundle – From 7009 to 6308 Pesos

If you’re looking to invest and build the ultimate TUF gaming desk setup, you might as well consider the complete ASUS TUF Gaming Peripherals Lineup.

CoolerMaster CK350 Mechanical Keyboard

CoolerMaster CK350 Mechanical Keyboard Blue RGB – From 3499 to 3390 Pesos

The Coolermaster CK350 is definitely up there when it comes to budget options for a decent full-sized mechanical keyboard, it has decent build quality and design with its brushed aluminum finish and it also uses the popular Outemu budget switches.

AKKO 3108 Tokyo World Tour Mechanical Keyboard

AKKO 3108 Tokyo World Tour – From 3999 to 3879.03

The Akko 3108 Tokyo World Tour is one of the hottest pink themed mechanical keyboard available in the market right now. It features quality dye subbed novelty keycaps that includes a five-side dye subbed spacebar with Mount Fuji and cherry blossoms image.

Gigaware Ajazz AK33 RGB

Gigaware Ajazz AK33 #13 RGB – From 2299 to 2175.99 Pesos

The Ajazz AK33 boasts an 82 keys, 75% layout mechanical keyboard with Zorro black switch and 16.8m True RGB lighting.

Motospeed Inflictor CK104 Mechanical Keyboard

MOTOSPEED Inflictor CK104 Blue Switches – From 3074 to 3043.26 Pesos

The Motospeed Inflictor CK104 offers a slim form factor while maintaining all 104 keys. It features clicky and tactile Outemu blue switch and a ton of lighting modes and customization.

Disclaimer: The links above are picked based from them being in the sale, though I’ve already filtered them, make a conscious effort to double check the seller, ratings and feedbacks.

Now, below keyboards are not on Sale but definitely hot items that are worth checking out!

Rakk Lam-Ang Pro Wireless Hotswappable Mechanical Keyboard

Rakk Lam-Ang Pro (Kailh Bronze Speed) – 3195 Pesos
Rakk Lam-Ang Pro (Kailh Box White) – 3295 Pesos
Rakk Lam-Ang Pro BB (Barebones) – 2195 Pesos
Rakk Lam-Ang Lite (Outemu Red) – 1995 Pesos
Rakk Lam-Ang Lite (Outemu Blue) – From 1995 to 1895 Pesos (ON SALE)

The Rakk Lam-Ang Pro, in my opinion, lived up to its hype and I feel like it is by far the best keyboard Rakk Gears has ever produced. Watch the full video to learn why.

Tecware Phantom Elite TKL 87 Keys Mechanical Keyboard


Tecware Phantom Elite TKL 87 KEYS Modular Gateron Brown – 2500
Tecware Phantom Elite TKL 87 KEYS Modular Gateron Yellow – 2500
Tecware Phantom Elite TKL 87 KEYS Modular Kailh Speed Silver – 2800
Tecware Phantom Elite TKL 87 KEYS Modular Kailh Speed Bronze – 2800
Tecware Phantom Elite TKL 87 KEYS Modular Kailh Speed Copper – 2800

With the success of the full-sized Tecware Phantom Elite, it is inevitable that we see the release of its smaller but similarly capable brother, the Phantom Elite 87 Keys. A keyboard that’s relatively compact with a modular socket for wide switch compatibility.




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