DIY Wooden Makeup Organizer Review – Tidy Up!

As I’ve mentioned in my previous article, I will also make reviews about products for our beloved ladies out there. Today we bring you this DIY wooden makeup organizer review!

wood makeup organizer with drawers

I am an organizer freak, I always want to tidy things up whether it’s in our office work space or in our bedroom. I have a little bit of OCD, I don’t want to see things just lying around messy, I don’t want to see things just sitting at the top of the table and things like that. I want everything to have its own storage space and organized. 

I always ask my wife to tidy her vanity things up, mind you she doesn’t actually have a lot as of the moment but I always dream that she will have her own collection of makeups and other cosmetic products because she loves watching beauty vloggers on youtube. I want her to have her own space but I don’t want it to be messy.

I actually ordered two of these DIY makeup organizer, one for our office work space to stow away our pens, markers, notes, etc. and one for our bedroom for my wife’s makeup.


Pros: Easy to assemble, Good quality

Cons: A little bit smaller than what we’ve expected
Is it within Our Target Budget?: Yes!


– Wooden Makeup organizer (unbuilt)
– Rubber locks
– Instructions

DIY wooden makeup organizer unboxing


Size – 25cm x 18cm x 19cm – product description (there’s a little bit discrepancy with my actual measurements. I will show you later.)

Made of eco-friendly quality wood, E1 wood grade certified, recyclable, sturdy and durable

Perfect layout with 3 Layers Desktop Box with Mirror and 3 Drawers

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Before building details

As the title says, the construction of this DIY makeup organizer is wood. It doesn’t look like it’s painted but I think it’s actually covered with sticker. 

diy makeup organizer ideas
The quality of the wood is actually good and sturdy, not flexible as one could imagine by the looks of it.

wooden makeup organizer diy

The parts will be secure by these rubber bands.

diy wooden makeup organizer rubber bands

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How to build the DIY Wooden Makeup Organizer

Here’s a short video on how to assemble this wooden DIY makeup organizer.


This wood makeup box has a tissue paper dispenser, the tissue paper on the image below is actually a little bit large, make sure to use a smaller one so that you can easily pull out from the side.

wooden makeup case with tissue paper holder

It also has a mirror that is adjustable by placing it on different notches at the top of the organizer.

diy wooden makeup organizer with mirror

diy wooden makeup organizer with mirror

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One of the issue of this makeup organizer is it’s actual size, it gained a lot of criticism from the buyers because on pictures, it looks bigger than what it actually is in person. So be informed about that if you’re planning on getting one. To be honest, It’s not a big deal if you’re going to ask me, it’s actually cute!

Below are the actual measurements that I made. 

Height = 19cm

diy wooden makeup organizer actual size

Length = 26.3cm
diy wooden makeup organizer actual dimensions

Width (front to back) = 16cm (I forgot to take a picture of it.)

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As an organizer freak, I would definitely recommend this to everyone. You can use this not just for organizing makeup and other vanity products but for organizing things in general. You can even put your tools here if you want to.

Building it is super easy, it’s just like you’re playing or building a puzzle.


There are different colors available, Black is a little bit expensive though. 

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