Ugreen KU101 Mechanical Keyboard Review

If you’re looking for some productivity peripherals for your work-from-home desk setup, I think I’ve got something that might pique
your interest. A powerful and convenient desktop charging station, a super silent ergonomic wireless mouse, and an ocean-themed compact wireless mechanical keyboard. We’ve got the Ugreen Diginest Pro 100W Desktop charging station with 3 AC outlets, 3 USB C ports, and 1 USB A port in a sturdy and compact form factor. We also have the extremely affordable Ugreen MU006 wireless mouse that offers dual wireless connectivity and a quite comfortable ergonomic shape. And last but not the least, we have the Ugreen KU101 wireless mechanical keyboard that features a unique ocean-themed design in a relatively compact form factor. All of which are perfect for a work-from-home
environment or an on-the-go productivity setup. The question is, are they decent enough? let’s find out.




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