Valentines Tech Gifts for Her – That you can also borrow

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and I know some of you guys still haven’t bought gifts for your special loved one. And I figured, why not help you with some gift ideas that are tech related so that you can borrow it as well. haha! Sounds good right? 

Let’s dive right to it.

valentine gift for her in philippines

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First, let’s take a look at few things that you can both use in your living space.

Demotech Air Purifier Humidifier and Revitalizer with LED Light 

Having fresh air with a soothing scent like lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, etc. will help you both relax inside your bedroom, and with the help of the LED light, it can also serve as a nightlight. Very nice way to end the day with your loved one and prepare for the next day.

valentine gift ideas philippines - demotech humidifier

After having a good night sleep, let’s start the day right with a nice warm cup of coffee using the

Imarflex ICM-300 Coffee Maker

The thermo-glass carafe will help your coffee stay warm longer, and makes it a durable container that won’t easily break due to heat. It’s compact, reliable, and safe to use.

valentine's day gift ideas philippines - imarflex coffee maker

Now, we all know that our beloved ladies are very health conscious and will do whatever it takes to keep their body in tip top shape for us guys right? Why not help them achieve that by having them drink healthy fruit shakes using the

Demotech 12-piece High-Speed Power Blender/Juicer

Imagine yourself giving this to your loved one and then you made her favorite fruit shake at the same time? If that’s not sweet, then I don’t know what sweet is. 

And for the finale, why not let her sing her heart out using the

Platinum Kool Sound Junior Lite KS-5 DVD Karaoke Player

Being able to express yourself by singing is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.  Singing helps relieves stress, promotes happiness and being able to do this with your loved one is priceless and will definitely create precious memories. Unless of course, you both can’t sing. haha! just kidding.

valentines gift ideas for her philippines - platinum karaoke

A nice sleep, pumped up morning, healthy drink and an entertaining singing bonding moment with your loved one, now that’s a great way to spend the valentines day!

Now, let’s dive into a much more personal approach to giving gifts for your special loved one. 

valentines gift ideas philippines

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Let’s talk about tech that she can actually bring with her anytime.

We all know that ladies want to take pictures, selfies if you so desire, but some of them don’t want to do the hassle of transferring the photos to a PC, editing and printing it afterward. For some, that’s too much to handle. Let’s make their life easy and fun by giving them a

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera 

Now they can take a picture, watch it develop and enjoy the result, probably even give it to you if you’re lucky. haha!

valentine's day gift ideas for her philippines - instax mini 9
I’m sure you want your loved one to be always within your reach whether it’s via a text message or a phone call and you don’t want to hear excuses like “Oh, my phone’s battery went dead”, “I don’t have my charger in me” and stuff like that. You can avoid that by giving them a simple yet important device like a power bank to juice up their devices. And why not make it pink while you’re at it with the
valentines gift ideas for her philippines - pineng powerbank

If you want to make the total package for the ultimate device charging gift set then you might also consider adding a reversible charging cable. 

Not only you’re giving her a convenient way to charge her devices but you’re also saving her devices from accidental slips with the detachable magnetic cable.
valentines gift ideas for wife philippines - magnetic charging cable

You may also want to make sure that she will always receive your messages and phone calls, so why not give here a smartwatch. She might even like the other features like the Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, Sedentary Reminder and of course, the built-in Audio player.

valentines gift ideas for female friend philippines - m99 smart watch

If you think she’s not into cheap smart watches then you might want to take a look at the 

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Digital Smart Fitness Band

This is a much more premium and reliable smart band if she’s into working out and all about that fitness and healthy good stuff. She might get even more motivated to work out and stay sexy, which I’m pretty sure you’ll love. 

valentines tech gifts for wife - xiaomi mi band smart fitness band
And while we’re at it, why not include a sweat proof wireless headset so she can focus on working out while listening to her favorite tunes. Partner the Xiaomi Fitness Band with the 

However, just in case your loved one is not the sporty type and more like that cute, charming, shy type girl that we’ve always dreamed of, then you might want to go the pink route with the

Wait a second, don’t get me wrong about the “cute, charming, shy type” statement. All girls can be both sporty and cute at the same time so take it easy guys. haha!

valentine gift ideas lazada - xiaomi piston

Lastly, if she’s more into an on-ear type of headset then my best advice would be the 

JBL T450 On-Ear Headset

Among all the things listed in this article, This one is the one I had personal experience with.

Check out my review of it here.

lazada gift ideas for valentines - jbl t450 headset

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Final Words

If you’ve noticed, there’s no makeup, cosmetics, and vanity related things on this list because we focused on tech and things that we, the guys, can also use/benefit from because you know, we’re not just all about beauty and vanity and we’re just being practical. *wink wink 

Just a quick note before we end this, these are just gift ideas and obviously, I haven’t thoroughly reviewed the products listed on this so please make sure to allot some time on researching further if you deemed necessary before pulling the trigger. I hope you have a great valentines day this year and please drop a comment below if ever you decided to pick one from this list. Thank you!

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  1. Bae Milanes

    The fitness band is nice, but it would be so much better if it were waterproof para wala nang tanggalan. Pero you can't really have it all!

    1. Marvin Gabriel

      Hi Bae! The Xiaomi Mi Band is actually certified IP67 water-resistant 🙂

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