RGB LED Light Bulb with Remote Control Review – Accent Lights!

So the light bulb on my lamp decided to retire and I had to replace it. And since I already have an RGB lamp and an RGB LED strip behind my desk I decided to replace my busted light bulb with an RGB Bulb as well so that I can play with different colors for my desk setup.

color changing light bulb review

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Pros: Affordable, Wireless, With different colors and cool effects

Cons: Brightness is on the dimmer side

Is it within Our Target Budget?: Yes


– RGB LED Light Bulb
– Remote Control
– Box

RGB LED Bulb Unboxing

Note: read the full article below for the things that weren’t mentioned in the video. 


Base: E27
Material: aluminum and PC
Appearance color: light silver
Light Color: RGB 7color
Beam angle:180/360
Power: 3W
Memory :Yes
Input Voltage: 220V(85-265V available)
Life Time: 50,000 hours
Light Color: RGB multilight modes, colors will gradual change, RGB intelligent remote control the color

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As I’ve mentioned in the video, unlike the traditional incandescent light bulbs, this one is made of plastic and aluminum. It feels more durable and I think it can survive a small drop. It doesn’t heat up as much as a normal light bulb would so It’s safe to touch. I can easily remove it from my lamp without being burnt. 

rgb light bulb review

It’s size, at a height of 4.4 inches is on the taller side so take note of that if you’re planning to use this with some lamp shades.

rgb bulb review
It has a standard E27 thread so it would fit perfectly on most lamps and light bulb sockets.

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Remote and Functionality:

It comes with a remote that uses an infrared sensor to control the lighting on the bulb.

rgb led light bulb remote - wireless rgb led light bulb

Using the remote, you can turn it on and off, change the level of brightness, change the colors and toggle the different lighting effects such as flash, strobe, fade and smooth.  

rgb bulb remote - wireless rgb bulb

The LED strip at the back of my table also comes with a similar remote and some of the functions on both LED lights can be changed using just one of these remotes such as some of the colors but not all of them. So take note of that If you’re planning on buying multiple RGB LED lights. I’m also not sure if you can control two similar RGB LED Light Bulb using just one remote. 

rgb led lights remote - wireless rgb led bulb

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I use this RGB LED Light Bulb on my lamp behind my monitor to accent my inspirational wall art.
rgb led accent lighting - rgb bulb accent lighting
As you can see, it fits perfectly on my desk setup alongside my two lamps. This is just one application of this RGB LED Light Bulb, you can also use it in your bedroom to set the mood
or in your office, to help you concentrate or relax while you work.
color changing led lights  - laptop desk setup accent lighting
And as I’ve mentioned in the video, the brightness level at 3W is on the dimmer side. So if you’re planning on using this as your main light you might want to check a higher wattage bulb but for accent lighting, this will be perfect.
color changing lights - accent light using rgb led bulb

Here are some of the colors you can use, It’s kinda hard to show it on video and images but in person, you can really tell the different colors.

color changing led bulb - color changing led lights

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With RGB Lighting being the trend nowadays for different applications such as accent lighting for desk setups, bedroom, living room, office, etc. or for setting the mood for parties as well as for content creators on YouTube that wants to spice it up when it comes to their video lighting, the usability of these RGB LED Lights is really endless that’s why I highly recommend it to you guys. Also, if you don’t want the RGB Colors, you can always switch it to white or warm white and bam! you have your normal light and you will always have that option for other colors as well. 

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