What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Portable WiFi Router?

All of the smartphones that we have available in the market come with hotspot capability and with this feature available in smartphones, most people think about whether it is worth it to buy a portable Wi-Fi router or not. Although having the WiFi hotspot feature in your mobile phone is a great thing, there are still some benefits of using a portable WiFi router over using the mobile phone’s hotspot. In this article, we will be discussing some of the benefits of buying a portable WiFi and why a portable WiFi router is worth buying:


Increased Security Over A Public WiFi Network


As a mobile user, you may be familiar with tons of public Wi-Fi access points available in public places such as restaurants, shopping malls, parks, coffee shops, etc. These public Wi-Fi access points are very useful and convenient as they allow you to access the internet for free but they also with a major risk. The risk is to your privacy since such Wi-Fi networks aren’t secure at all and your data is vulnerable to being accessed by hackers and other people on the network.

Anyone who is connected to the network can easily access your data and also steal personal information that you are sending across the network which can include your passwords and banking information.

When you use a portable Wi-Fi router then you are protecting yourself from the risk of your data getting stolen. Whatever type of information that you send across the network, be it your passwords or banking information, no one will be able to access it without connecting to your network. You can password protect the wireless network of the portable router through the default gateway address and prevent anyone from eavesdropping and stealing your personal information.


Battery Life


Battery life is another benefit of using a portable WiFi router. When you are using the hotspot from a mobile phone then you are not sure how long the battery is going to last because when you use mobile data and hotspot simultaneously then it drains the battery of the mobile phone very quickly. When you are using a portable WiFi router then you are certain that the battery life of the router is going to last for a while which is ideal for traveling and long road trips.

Most portable WiFi routers have battery lives of 6-8 hours which means that you can access high-speed internet without worrying about the battery. Along with this, they also have rechargeable batteries and in case there is no power source nearby, a power bank can always be used to charge the WiFi router.


Access The Internet On The Go


With a portable WiFi router, you can access the internet on the go. You can access the internet from anywhere given that there are network signals in that area. The ability to access the internet on the go is a very useful feature because whether you are working from a remote location, traveling somewhere, or need to access the internet outside your home then you can count on your portable WiFi router. 

It is also the best choice option for people who have to travel a lot for work or cannot access the usual cable internet. Also, for places with limited access to the internet, this tiny device is more than enough to provide internet access to multiple users on the go.




Another benefit of a portable WiFI router is its multi-functionality. Most portable WiFi routers are multi-functional and they offer different modes of connection. A portable WiFi router can function as a wireless client, access point, or router. 

In the wireless client mode, you are able to access an already existing wireless network through the router, in the access point mode, you can share the internet if there is only an ethernet connection available while in the router mode, you can use it as a router. If you want to select the preferred mode then this can be configured through the default gateway address of the router




The portability of these portable WiFi routers is another benefit of using them. Most portable WiFi routers are compact enough that they can easily fit into your pocket which makes them great for traveling. When you are traveling or going somewhere then those devices and gadgets are preferred that are compact and easy to use.

With a portable WiFi router, you can carry your WiFi network in your pocket and won’t even notice that there is something inside your pocket. Although these are small and compact devices, they are capable of providing a high-speed WiFi network to multiple users simultaneously. Up to 10 users can be connected to a portable WiFi router simultaneously.


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