AMD Battle Arena for Fortnite Gamers

Today, AMD released a new Fortnite Creative Islands multiplayer map, the AMD Battle Arena,  built for the 350 million Fortnite fans to enjoy and celebrate the incredible momentum and future of AMD gaming.

Working closely with Fortnite Creative Island modder MAKAMAKES, AMD built AMD Battle Arena to offer gamers the opportunity to duke it out in three exciting game modes – Boxfight, Capture the Flag and Free-For-All – as they explore the unique stadium powered by AMD.

Access the AMD Battle Arena hub via code: 8651-9841-1639, which will give you access to each mode with matchmaking enabled. Individual map keys will be displayed in the hub for gamers to set up private matches:

Boxfight Rules:

o Last gamer standing wins.
o Eliminate all other gamers to win.
o Four minutes per round, five rounds total.
• Capture the Flag Rules:
o Capture the enemy flag and bring it back to your base to win.
o Only one life per round.
o Five minutes per round, three rounds total.
• Free for All Rules:
o First gamer to 30 eliminations, wins.
o Unlimited respawns.
o Weapons spawn randomly across the map.

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