ROMOSS PIE 10 Mosaic Slim 10000mAh Powerbank Review + How to Verify Romoss Power Bank

Romoss is a company widely known as a provider of all kinds of portable charging devices such as power banks, wireless chargers, car chargers, power adapters and many more. They are based in Shenzhen China as with any other well-known Chinese manufacturers.

Here in the Philippines, Romoss is a pretty well-known brand when it comes to affordable power banks, the closest competitor I think would be Zhongshan Pineng Battery Co Ltd. Both are a reputable company but for today, we are going to focus on Romoss Pie 10 Mosaic Slim 10000mAh Power Bank.

romoss pie 10 review


Pros: Affordable, Substantial capacity, fashionable design

Cons: Plastic construction


Capacity: 10000mAh, 74Wh / 3.7V
Rated capacity: 6600mAh
Battery type: Li-polymer battery
Input: 5V / 2.1A
Output: 5V / 1A, 2.1A
Charging time: about 6.5 hours (2.1A) 
Product weight: 0.2580 kg 
Product Size(L x W x H): 15.80 x 8.00 x 1.20 cm / 6.22 x 3.15 x 0.47 inches 
Package Contents: 1 x Power Bank, 1 x Cable

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High capacity, Li-polymer battery
Non-slip design
Environmental friendly ABS and PC fireproof materials
8 kinds of safety protections: short circuit, temperature, over voltage, overcharging, over discharging, over current, over power and reverse polarity protection
Three different types of touch: smooth, granular and grain texture
LED indicator light to notify the user of the remaining capacity
Dual USB constant power outputs with 1A / 2.1A current that can charge two devices simultaneously



Before we start with the full review, I just want to put it out there that I’ve tried searching on the Official Romoss Website about this particular model that we have, the Romoss Pie 10 Mosaic Slim but I can’t find it on their current inventory. However, I was able to verify the authenticity of this power bank by going to their warranty page and then clicking the verify image as shown below. 
how to verify romoss power bank
After submitting the serial number that I got from the packaging I was able to verify that the Romoss Pie 10 Mosaic Slim Power Bank that I have is indeed authentic. I had to google translate this though to understand it, not a big deal.
romoss authenticity checker

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With that out of the way, let’s proceed to the review

Design and Construction

The design of the Romoss Pie 10 is very unconventional when it comes to power bank with this three different textures: smooth, granular and grain texture. But to be honest, it’s more on the aesthetic side rather than for the actual gripping of the power bank. Not that it doesn’t help because it actually does and does it with style.

However, I was actually expecting that the texture on this would be more of a leathery or rubbery feel based on the pictures I’ve seen, but it’s actually made entirely of plastic. 

romoss pie 10 mosaic slim review

Here’s a closer look so you can have a much better idea of the texture. As you can see, it’s made of shiny plastic material. In terms of size, it’s pretty slim thickness-wise but it’s kinda big to be able to comfortably placed inside your jean’s pocket.

romoss pie 10 mosaic slim 10000mah powerbank review

Buttons and Ports

On the front side, we have the 2 USB output, one is a 5V/1A and the other one is a 5V/2.1A. We also have here the micro USB port for charging the power bank itself.
romoss mosaic review
On one side, we have the LED indicator for charging and remaining capacity and the product information.
romoss pie 10 review philippines
On the other side, we have the power button.
romoss pie 10 review lazada
At the rear end, we have nothing. 
Check the image below for size comparison with my Xiaomi Redmi 5A smartphone that I recently reviewed here
romoss pie 10 lazada review

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When it comes to features, Romoss claims that it has 8 kinds of safety protections for short circuit, temperature, over voltage, overcharging, over discharging, over current, over power and reverse polarity protection. I have no way of testing those features right now but I would still suggest that you don’t charge your device unattended for a long period of time, especially overnight charging. Also, try to keep your device on a cool surface and avoid using it while charging just to be safe.
romoss pie 10 mosaic slim review philippines

Charging time and Battery life

Charging the romoss power bank itself to full capacity is approximately around 13hrs using a 5V/1A charger and around 6.5hrs using a 5V/2.1A charger. Your results may vary depending on the charger and the quality of the USB cable you are using.
In terms of actual capacity, although it’s 10000mAh on paper, is actually only rated at 6600mAh with power loss during conversions. But during our testing, we’re able to charge our phone that has a 3000mAh battery around 2 times with 1 bar to spare on the power bank. 

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Will I Recommend This?: Yes!

It goes without saying that power banks are very essential to our day to day life especially that we are surrounded by electronic devices that help us with our work, entertainment, communication, and whatnot. Getting a power bank nowadays is like picking a flower out of your garden, it’s so easy and effortless and doesn’t need a degree to figure out what you need. However, it can be noted that since there’s an abundance of power banks out there, there’s a lot of fake ones as well that might be risky for you and your family. And that’s what this review is all about, giving you the assurance that the product we’ve talked about today is decent enough to be used on a daily basis. Now, it’s still electronics, so it’s bound to fail at some point but at least what you’ll get is a genuine one from a reputable company. Just use it with care and you’re going to be just fine.
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ROMOSS PIE 10 Mosaic Slim 10000mAh Powerbank 

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