Onto New Perspectives: Nothing Phone (2a) Unveiled!

Last February 28 at an event on the back of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, London-based  technology company, Nothing, revealed the design of its new smartphone, Phone (2a). 

Phone (2a) embodies the first-ever internal smartphone design concept that was created a few months  after Nothing launched in 2020. It integrates the phone’s components into its external design, showcasing  key functions in new and innovative ways.  

Behind the iconic “eyes” – represented by cameras inside the NFC coil – is the hub of intelligence that  powers the phone, much like a brain. The rest of the elements are positioned using a circular grid system.  This extends all the way to the edge of the phone to create more rounded corners, which now have a  larger radius. Overall, this gives a coherent and softer look and feel to the device. 

Phone (2a) features an industry-first with its 90° angle unibody cover wrapping around the edges to  create a new dimension and perspective to our design, while seamlessly integrating the dual camera  module. Not only is this structure aesthetically pleasing, it makes the device sturdier, with a notable  improvement on drop test results.  

To further captivate interest, Nothing created a sense of asymmetrical balance where the lower part of  Phone (2a) is purposefully designed to disrupt the flow of the top. The battery cover was designed  drawing inspiration from Massimo Vignelli’s New York subway map.  

The camera ‘bump’ also plays a role in stabilising the phone when it’s lying flat on a surface as well as  helping minimise finger obstructions when taking a picture.

Further product information will be detailed during the ‘Fresh Eyes’ event on March 5, 8:30PM Local  Time. You may always check:


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