vivo X90 Pro+ ranks 10th in DxOMark, scores 140 points in global camera test 

PHILIPPINES, FEBRUARY 8, 2023: The best just got better as vivo’s latest flagship smartphone masterpiece, the vivo X90 Pro+, scores 140 in DxOMark camera test, a testing authority that measures phones’ performance in photo, video, and zoom quality. With the device’s impressive photographic hardware system, the vivo X90 Pro+ was able to rank tenth in the DxOMark global image ranking.  According to DxOMark, the overall photography performance of the vivo X90 Pro+ is very good, which is a major evolution of the vivo X80 Pro. True to the reputation of…

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Acer tops 2022 consumer notebook sales in the Philippines for 16 consecutive years, also leads gaming notebook category

MANILA (February 13, 2023) Acer continued to dominate the PC notebook category in the Philippines for 2022 and was the No. 1 consumer notebook brand for the 16th consecutive year. The brand topped the category with a 35.2% market share, according to a third-party research firm. Acer was also No. 1 in the gaming notebook category with a 40.4% market share. For 2022, market share peaked for Acer in October at 48.2% as post-pandemic hybrid work made notebooks even more of a necessity. In 2021, Acer had an overall market…

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