Transformation for our screens, cities, and reality: what to expect from tech in 2023 and beyond 

Michael Ngan, Country General Manager of Lenovo Philippines, shares his insight into what technologies will become mainstream in 2023 and beyond. Smarter, more integrated technology has transformed our daily lives, and we are seeing tremendous change as the use of artificial intelligence and edge computing expands rapidly, bringing power and efficiency to countless industries and activities. Now that a new year has begun, what surprises are in store for us in our ever-changing relationship with technology?  Below, we look at some of the technologies that are emerging. These innovations are…

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How To Get A VPN On Chrome Browser & Why You Should

One of the most commonly used security tools is VPN. And talking about VPNs, you can find some that are specifically created for one platform, for example, Chrome VPNs. Some VPN services may protect you when using Google Chrome. They work in a similar way to the other types of VPN, with only better access and control. Generally, people use VPNs for a lot of different purposes. Some people love to have VPNs so they can be protected when going online, while there are also some people who like VPNs…

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